How to Run Android Apps on a Windows PC using BlueStacks

Are you thinking of running Android applications on Windows? If so, you may want to check out BlueStacks App Player beta. This Android app emulator was recently released for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

BlueStacks will give you access to Android apps via the Android Market, GetJar, the Amazon App Store or 1Mobile Market. It will also allow you to run these apps on your Windows desktop.

If you want to download the same apps you have on your Android device to your computer, you can use the companion Android app. However, you will find yourself receiving SMS messages from your phone to your PC.

Thinking of giving BlueStacks a try?

Here’s how to get started:

The first step is to go to the BlueStacks site and download the App Player beta by clicking on the “Download Now” button which you can find on the landing page. This will help you run the .exe file.

However if your computer does not have the .net framework 3.5, you will be asked to download the utility app before App Player can be installed. It will take a few minutes to install. The program will be downloading the apps required apps and information online.

Everything may seem pretty easy and straightforward but if you own an Android smartphone, you must be 100% sure you were able to click the “Yes” radio button to confirm that you have an Android phone.

You will be asked to provide you e-mail address and a contact number including the country code. Within a few seconds, you will receive an e-mail and an SMS message advising you on how to sync your phone with the App player.

Some users report that they received the information on just one of the modes of communication. There are those who said they only received an SMS without e-mail while it was vice versa for others.

Start The App

When you have duly entered the Android device information, you can begin using the app. For starters, you will get a number of apps to try out such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook app, Documents to Go, Evernote, Fruit Ninja Free and Stumble Upon.

If you are thinking of an app to use, simply enter its name into the search bar. Then click on “Find”. This will launch the App player to grab the app from Google Play.

BlueStacks is a great way to have your favorite social media apps on your PC. It will make the experience so much more interesting and fun.

Other Social Media Apps

By downloading Instagram for Windows PC, you can now use the capabilities of your PC’s photo editing features with Instagram’s impressive network and share your images with family and friends.

You can also stream Instagram photos and feeds to for others to see. Twitch is a rapidly growing site that is dedicated to the streaming of live video game footage. You can follow gamers, make new connections and watch the best in the world do their thing.

You can also use the BlueStacks Android emulator to download Facebook for Windows PC. Facebook is the largest social media community with more than 1.7 Billion active monthly members.

With Facebook for Windows PC, you can see images more clearly and read posts much better. The internet connection will be much more stable when you use your PC to view Facebook.

The BlueStacks Android emulator can also be used to download SnapChat for your Windows PC. SnapChat is a fast growing social media network that allows you to send photos and videos to customized groups of contacts and users.

SnapChat is a fun app to use on your smartphone but the experience is magnified 100- fold when you use SnapChat for Windows PC. There are huge advantages for all photo apps.

With SnapChat for Windows PC, you no longer have to deal with small screens. You have greater convenience navigating with the mouse instead of using your fingers. And why stop there? Your PC’s camera could take better quality images which you can send out to your friends.

Other App Stores

If you are interested in downloading apps from other app stores such as Amazon Appstore, GetJar and 1MobileMarket all you need is to do is to click on the transparent window at the top of your Window’s desktop. From there, just select the basket icon to choose your app store.

Now if you want to receive SMS messages with the same apps on your phone and App Player on your desktop, the first thing you will have to do is to download BlueStacks’ Cloud Connect free companion app which is also from Google Play.

The app will require you to enter a PIN that should be sent to your e- mail. Another option to find the PIN on App Player is by clicking on the “Settings” icon which is located on the lower right hand corner of the navigation bar. From there, on the next page, please click on “Cloud Connect’. A pop up window should appear containing the PIN.

You should not have any problems when using Cloud Connect. All you need to do is select the apps you want to sync with App Player then press the sync button which is located at the top of the screen. If you are thinking of synching all the apps to your desktop, all you need to do is to tap the box next to the sync button.


Here’s a point which needs clarification: the sync feature does not synch your app settings. It merely downloads the same apps from your phone to the App Player. You will have to re-enter your log-in information.

You can use the App Player for the upcoming Windows 8- based touch tablets. The BlueStacks App Player is particularly valuable if the Windows store does not have a Metro- style version of the app you were interested in downloading. However, you will be running Android apps within the standard Windows desktop environment.

One thing you will notice is that BlueStacks runs slow in Windows 8 but it is still serviceable.

App Player may not perform well in other environments but remember that this is still in its beta testing stages. We should expect a much improved product once it comes closer to its finished form.