Learn to Run Android Apps on Google Chrome Browser in Five Minutes

All of us are enjoying android apps on our android device, some of us run these apps on pc with help of emulator but these is a cool feature now available called Archon Packager which will allow us to run  most of the  apps(not all dude) in your google chrome browser on any OS, as this is under development not all apps are compatible but most of them.




  • You must have any OS that sports google chrome
  • Google chrome version 37 or above
  • An android device

Getting Started to Run Android Apps on Google Chrome Browser

Step 1:-

  • open your google chrome browser and go to ARCON extenction download the file
  • extract the file (it is a big file it may take time )

Step 2:-

  • open new google chrome window
  • type chrome://extensions
  • check if you are in Developer mode if not enable it


Step 3:-

  • use Load  unpacked extension to load the extracted Archon packager or simply drag the extracted Archon packager to ur chrome extensions page

Step 4:-

  • Now on your Android go to play store and search for Archon  Packager and download the app
  • ones it is downloaded open it and press next


  • you can package apps that are there in your phone or use apk with are in your phone


  • if you select fist option you will get list of app that are there in your device
  • select one app
  • next you will get some options regarding look of app


  • press next and you will get a new page with details of conversion is completed and app you selected and it orientation etc  click the last option on the page ” Share chrome application”


  • Next will get the sharing mode’s select a mode according to your conveyance
  • After getting it to your pc the files will be zipped so un zip them
  • Next drag those files to your chrome extension page that’s it they are there in your chrome arc
  • That’s it your apps runs in your pc

conclusion :- This is a cool way of playing games than in emulator this project is under development so we can expect more features adding to it to make it more interesting and use full