Why You Should Root Your Android Now

Android is the most customizable operating system that can be used in Phones. It provides many of the customization options when compared to other operating systems related to phones. That is the reason many opt the smartphones with Android. Now, telling about rooting your android phone, most of all of you get worried when someone asks you to root and get more customizations to your phone.

You may also think that your phone will be better if it is not rooted.  But if you wanna be a developer or already are a developer it is recommended to have your android rooted as this will give you freedom to touch the core of the android operating system and help you understand its working. Here i have listed the reasons for you to root your android phone.

1.Boost your phones battery life


The first thing that root offers is boosting your battery life. Rooting your android phone helps your battery’s performance and make it more productive when compared with the one it was before rooting. Also there are many apps which can help you in this. Greenify is one like kind of app for this type, which helps you to automatically hibernate apps that you are not using in your background.

2.Backup your phone for No data loss in future

backupWhen you are doing any custom modifications to your phone or are trying to do some customizations to your phone then sometimes you might unexpectedly delete your data. So when you root your android device you can also easily backup your settings as well as data. You can also backup even if you have not rooted your phone , but only few things like apps and data. But if your device is rooted then you get some more options like backingup system apps and their data, also you can setup automate mode to easily save your time.

3.Clear most of the system’s pre-installed apps                    

remove-pre-installed-apps-from-androidMany of the phones these days get many apps and settings pre-installed which are hard to deleted and consume most of your space as well as drain your battery soon. So when your phone is rooted then you are given access to settings from where you can even deleted all your unwanted apps and data. But make sure first that your phone can work smoothly if they are deleted from your android device.

4.Create a custom rom        

This is one of the main and best reason to root your android device. A custom rom is an alternate version of your Rom that you have in your android device pre-installed and it is custom made. And many of the custom roms are available for you to use it in the internet. This custom roms help you to get latest updates and even update your phone as soon as you get a newer version of the software. No matter what type of phone or model you have. You can setup a custom rom if you have a android device which is rooted.

5.Block adds in any app that you have installed in your phone

Android-adsAds in any app can distract our attention and can also increase our data consumption along with the data, that is being consumed when we are using an app. As of now there is no way to block them other than rooting your device. Many apps like adblock, adblockplus can help you in blocking the ads which you are looking to block. they can be used not only for a single app but also for all the available apps.

6.Unlock all features and install any app you like        

Sometimes when you are looking to change something in your phone your phone does not allow you to do it because of system restrictions. Even if you are trying to install a app from third party places your phone starts warning you from doing the action and will restrict you from doing that. So when you root your android device you are going to get all the access that your device settings have blocked you from doing. Rooting can help you to install blocked apps, get latest android versions on your phone and get awesome apps to even customize your sound outputs.

So rooting gives access to do whatever you are looking to do with your device and can help you to customize and use your Android device to the maximum performance levels. Thus you should and will never worry once you have rooted even your android device.