Remove Malware and Dirty plugins from Google Chrome

Remove Malware and Dirty plugins from Google Chrome :

Internet has both good and bad software, Unfortunately bad software is passing more faster than the Good software. Usually the bad software is loaded on your computer when you try to download from the untrusted sources and run them on your computer. These bad malware are so dangerous even the advance antivirus and malware scanners may skip them some times therefore it is always recommend to update the security applications on your computer to safe guard your computer. The most annoying malware are browser addons or plugins. These plugins disturb our browsing experience, not just disturbing they can also breach our privacy! which is concerning and should be avoided at any cost. Here in this post I will show you how you can remove the suspicious plugins from your Google chrome browser with official Software Removal Tool.

Google recently launched Software Removal Tool to protect it’s users from these malwares hope Mozilla will also launch a tool like this for Netizens. Now lets jump into how you we can remove the malware  from Google chrome in simple step.

To remove bad plugins from your chrome all you need to do is just download the following software from here [Official link] (Note this tool is still in beta state and is available for only windows computers).

After downloading the tool run the application on your computer. Make sure you have administrator rights to complete the installation process of the tool .. As soon  run the application on your computer this tool will search for any suspicious plugins on your computer and delete them. If there are no malware tools available on your computer then at the last you get a message as shown below, and you will also get option to completely reset your Google chrome browser. which is same like factory reset.Remove Malware



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