How to Protect Microsoft Account with Double Authentication

You might be aware of the recent hack on sony pictures,In which the attackers had stole account credential of sony employees, and unreleased movies and also released the private emails to public. With this incident there we can say that no one can guaranty the security, So it’s always recommended to have a double authentication.

Double Authentication is a security measure that today every company on Internet is implementing to safeguard their customer’s accounts even if their account passwords are compromised. So no one can enter into your account until they cross the double authentication.When you enable this security feature on your account (If made available by the company) then when you or any other person tries to enter your account by entering the password, then the double authentication system will send a code via email, or phone call, or by any app. Until you or other person enter the code received the system will not grant the permission to access the account.To know more information about Double Authentication you can refer the WikiPedia from here Double Authentication

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Here I introduce some Double Authentication security feature by Microsoft to give you better control of your Microsoft accounts, Where it can be applied to protect your windows 8 ,windows phone,OneDrive(SkyDrive)  and Xbox account in simple steps follow the steps below to enable the Double Authentication

Enable Double Authentication (Two way Factor Authentication) for Microsoft Accounts to Secure Microsoft Accounts

microsoft account authentication


First and foremost is to login in to your Microsoft account with your details. And now open the Account Summary page from here.  Now on this page you will be able to see the summary of your account, Now in this page under the “Security & privacy” Click on Change password & more

Now search for the “Two-step verification” section in the page which protects your account by asking for your password as shown in below image click on Setup Two Step Verification.

two way authentication

To set up this code(two-step verification) for your account click security info then you’ll be asked how you want to receive your security code.


Select your option either by email or voice message or by app or by sms that’s upto you, And click next.After receiving your code type or copy and paste the code into the code box. Leave the “I sign in frequently on this device,don’t ask me for a code,” untick to activate your code on PC. Remember that when you tick “I sign in frequently from this device, The Double Authentication system will not as for the code to give access i.e it will give complete access without entering the code, So always make sure that you tick this on your own computers and devices to access the account.

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STEP2: Adding the Authenticator App with your Microsoft account

After clicking the security info then choose a set up two-step verification. Then click next window that appears,then skip in the screen that takes you to download and authenticator  Download your preferred application for your Android or IOS Device or Windows Phone. And Login into your Microsoft account from that app to get authentication codes to mobile, If you have choose another one option to use the third party apps like Google authenticator then you can scan the bar code shown to you on the page and enter the code to link the Google Authenticator app to get codes.That’s it how you can setup the double authentication for your Microsoft account, Remember if you are using XBox or any Mail applications which do not support you to entering the code before logging into account, You should create the App Password.



Recent activity is a feature that lists all the recent activities that you’ve signed into your account. Now click on the recent activity verify your security code,and click’ll now see a list of your activities(description, date and location) divided.This list includes sign-ins,code requests. If you found any suspicious activity of your account Click individual dropdown menus under the description header and  select”This wasn’t me” option to report the Microsoft and change the password.


After choosing the “This wasn’t me” protect your account notification will next and answer the account verification questions.After verifying You’ll be navigated to the next window where you can change your password.Choosing your new password.tick ‘Make me change my password every 72 days’ then you’ll receive a reminder to change your password regularity. Click next,verify your back-up email address and your phone number,click next a code will be sent to your recovery email address to verify you authorization,use this code to sign in to your account.


This is the new added recovery code option to let you access your account if you can’t login,if you’ve misplace your two-step verification code,or if your account has been set a new recovery code,click ‘Security info’and ‘recovery code’. A 25-digit code will be sent to your email address if you want to get a new recovery code,click recovery code then Replace.You can use this recovery code to access your account in the case of an emergency.


To access more control over account security notifications,Click notifications in the left-hand pane,then security.ensure your backup email address is ticked for security notifications,then click save to update your security information.this will take you to the security page from where you can update personal data such as alternative email address and new phone numbers.

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