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iPhoneSE: The Pros And Cons Of The New “Cheap” iphone

This year Apple surprised everyone and instead of presenting their phone models exclusively during the month of September, March and decided ahead of launch for the first time a low cost. This iPhone is a model that brings together some of the specifications of the previous company phone, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus teams, but with a design of a much older device: the 5 S version.

  • Screen : 4-inch    
  • Thickness : 7.6 mm
  • Weight : 113 grams       
  • Storage : From A9 Processor 16GB
  • Camera : 12MP / 1.2 (front)

With this type of body, with thicker edges and smaller screen, the company appealed again to the users of its older computers and appreciated 4-inch format despite being less thin. This makes the use of the phone is quite similar to that we were used before the iPhone 6. So if you are upset that Apple will increase the size of their screens, this may be the phone for you. But if you’d already accustomed to the new models, its thickness and weight, probably the SE will feel small in your hands.

However, this size allows one of the biggest pluses of the team: its price. This phone promises to be the cheapest in the history of the iPhone line with a value of only US $ 399. A fairly inexpensive if you consider that the 6S version has an initial value of US $ 600. This makes it especially attractive because the SE includes the same processor A9 latter model, delivering an extremely smooth performance with a user experience above average.
Added to this is its powerful rear camera with a sensor 12 megapixles, the same as the previous models of Apple. However, optical stabilization does not include the iPhone 6S and image quality in low-light scenes. On the other hand, on its front version only delivers 1.2MP, 5MP significantly less than the other models.

This does not mean exactly a version of the iPhone 6S but with only 4 inches. The latest model of Apple does not have this release some technologies, such as the second generation of Touch ID (which has better performance in your fingerprint sensor) or 3D Touch system. Something that, in the latter case, not necessarily play against him because it is a function that does not have much use among users and has not been applied to all available applications for this service.
So what do you think about this phone? Unfortunately, in my view, the return to the design of the iPhone 5S is not exactly a success. If you were using a phone about 4 inches, it is difficult for you to return to this model. This means that this lower cost device responds to a very limited users who want an iPhone but not with your current screen group. On the other hand, lower the size of the display team in turn means less detail level photos, a fairly small keyboard and a less comfortable when viewing video display.

Another point that does not work for this model is its design. Yes, the iPhone 5S was one of the best phones especially in terms of structure. The problem is that this was at least 3 years. This decline can zoom out to multiple users, especially because it corresponds to a less ergonomic format models 6 and 6S. This is also compounded by the inconsistency between high technology equipment (such as 4K video recording) with the ability to store only 16GB. While there are several tricks to increase space on your phone this is an option that many other companies have already discarded because they do not deliver a good customer experience and may even frustrate them quickly.
Is it finally the iPhone a good alternative? If your intention was to eventually buy an iPhone , as a low-cost of these phones, the SE model is definitely much better. Not only they discarded the plastic housing of this model, but also delivers a much more elegant and durable design. The point of contention is finally on your personal tastes. Do you prefer an iPhone? Yes this is the phone for you, it will give you a good experience, great performance and virtually almost all technologies iPhone 6S model with a size according to your preferences.

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