Lose Weight, Get Fit, Stay Healthy: 10 Most Popular Weight Loss Apps For 2019

If you do a keyword search on the most popular topic in the area of health and fitness, chances are “weight loss” will come out on top. People want to lose weight for health reasons. Obesity has become a global epidemic. Excess weight has been linked to various health issues. People also want to look good! They want to fit into the short, black dress or get a beach-worthy body for summer. Exercise and diet are the two important components in a weight loss program. It’s a good thing there are apps for both!

“I want to lose weight” has two distinctions. It is the most popular resolution for the New Year. It is also the most frequently broken resolution for the New Year. To be sure, losing weight is not easy. It requires discipline, commitment, and resiliency. In order to be effective, a weight loss program should include guidelines for exercise and diet.

While exercise can bring a great deal of physical and mental discomfort, most people abandon a weight loss program because of the diet.

A calorie-controlled diet whereby a person is deprived of foods he/she is familiar with and seeks during times of comfort takes both an emotional and mental toll.

When unhealthy, high- calorie and heavily- processed foods are replaced with healthier selections, it takes the person out of his/her comfort zone. It will take quite some time to get adjusted to the lifestyle

This is why many people believe staying on a diet is the hardest part of a weight loss program.

Exercise can be fun. Once the workout is over, you can rest. However, a diet has long-lasting, lingering effects that can influence your behaviour and mood.

The Importance Of Weight Loss Apps In A Weight Loss Program

Apps are designed to make life and work function better. They have addressed our needs for transportation, education, healthcare, and fitness. Apps have likewise contributed to diet and nutrition. Weight loss apps have been created to support people who are on a weight loss program.

There are different types of weight loss apps in the market. Here is a quick rundown on a few of them:

  • Exercise apps – Presents exercise or workout programs that have been designed to help you burn more fat and lose weight. There is an exercise app for every type of workout program.
  • Diet apps – Gives you a variety of diet programs to choose from so you can figure out which approach works best for you.
  • Calorie-counter apps – Weight loss is achieved when your body enters a calorie deficit. Calorie –counter apps tracks and record the number of calories you are consuming.
  • Nutrition apps – Functions like a calorie-counter app where the macronutrient content of every kind of food is broken down.

Having these apps downloaded on your mobile device will go a long way in making your weight loss program more convenient and manageable. It takes away most of the guesswork. You have access to different exercise routines, and in some cases, you can even consult with an online coach.

When you are in a restaurant, you become more certain of your food choices. There are apps that give you the calorie content of every item in a restaurant’s menu. It will also identify which menu items conform to your diet plan.

10 Most Popular Weight Loss Apps For 2019

Don’t know which weight loss apps you should have on your smartphone? We’ve taken away the guesswork for you by creating a list of the most popular weight loss apps for 2019:

  1. Ideal Weight

    Doctors have long advocated the use of the Body Mass Index (BMI) to find out a person’s ideal weight. The BMI factors in your height when calculating the right body weight to shoot for.

    Ideal Weight is a free app that is very easy to use. It has a highly navigable and user-friendly interface. All you have to do is enter your height plus other information required by the app. Within a few seconds, you’ll have an idea of the right body weight for your height.

  2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

    If you’re the type who likes to account for every calorie you take in, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal is the right nutrient counter app for you.

    It will give you access to its database which stores the calorie count of more than six million types of food. Perfect if you are strictly following a calorie-specific diet.

    Calorie Counter also has a scanner that allows you to find out the calorie count of foods by simply running it over the barcode. Best of all, this app lets you connect with friends who are also on a diet so you can get much-needed support.

  3. Lose It!

    Lose It does not refer to your state of mind while dieting. Rather, it is one of the diet apps that let you personalize a weight loss program. Lose It has cool features that allow you to monitor your calorie intake and exercise frequency.

    Do you believe that some foods in your current diet are keeping you from losing weight? Lose It will give you an accurate breakdown of the nutritional value of different kinds of foods so you will know why a diet is not working.

  4. Weight Watchers

    Weight Watchers has been synonymous with weight loss. It has built a successful reputation of helping people lose weight for several decades. The company has made the transition to digital with its own app.

    Weight Watchers app will help you stay on top of your calorie consumption and exercise program. You can also keep in touch with others in the community for moral support.

    Are you following a good exercise routine for weight loss? Sync Weight Watchers app with your fitness tracker. It will calculate your level of activity via Weight Watchers’ FitPoints.

  5. Noom Coach

    As we mentioned, dieting presents more of an emotional struggle than a physical one. Noom Coach is your personal weight loss adviser in your smartphone.

    This innovative weight loss app takes a psychology-based approach in guiding its users through their weight loss journey.

    In addition, Noom Coach can provide you with doctor-supervised programs that can address serious health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

  6. Fitness Buddy+

    Doing the same exercises are not only boring, they will no longer produce results. Fitness Buddy+ has a database of more than 1,700 exercises. You can customize different workout programs that will keep your sessions exciting, fun, and productive.

    If you don’t have the time to create a workout, Fitness Buddy+ can let you choose from its many professionally designed exercise routines. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do a “burpee” or a “Curtsey Lunge”. Fitness Buddy+ has thousands of how-to videos that will guide exercise performance.

  7. Nike + Run Club
    Running is one of the most popular activities for weight loss. If you’re an avid runner, download Nike + Run Club. This long-time favourite app of runners gives you real time stats on your running performance.

    It will give you valuable data on pace, distance, elevation, and heart rate. You can also get important data-based inputs on how to improve your running technique.

    Looking for a running coach? For a small fee, you can get a coaching plan that will help you break personal records right away.

  8. RunKeeper

    Don’t let the name of this exercise app fool you. RunKeeper can be used to track your performance in cycling and walking in addition to running. If you want to improve your running time, this app can give you customized programs that can add wings to your feet.

    It also features goal-setting tools plus GPS integration to keep track of your running route. Don’t have a running buddy? Hook up with other runners and stay motivated while you run.

  9. Endomondo

    Do you prefer training in the great outdoors? If so, make sure you have Endomondo in your smartphone. It has a GPS integration feature that lets you stay on top of your total calories burned, level of speed attained, and total distance covered.

    Endomondo can be connected to other fitness devices especially those with mobile connectivity. This popular exercise app continues to get rave reviews because of the number of cool things it can do. You get real-time data on your walking, running, and riding activities.

  10. JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log

    JEFIT is one of the best exercise apps that you should have in your mobile device. It has a large database that covers more than 1,300 exercises so you can customize your programs according to your goals.

    Are thinking of trying out new movements? JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log will teach you how to do them correctly to get the most benefit and best results. It has a workout planner which allows you to track your progress.

    Want extra motivation? JEFIT has a body measurement tool. It will give you a visual rendering of your body as it continues to change.


Do you need an exercise program? Are you tired of your current diet? Is running something you’ve always wanted to do? There is an app for everything that you need to lose weight.

You don’t have to download all of these 10 weight loss apps. Choose the ones that best fit your needs, goals, and objectives. Most of all, stay consistent and dedicated. In time, you will see results and a happier, healthier new you!