10 Most Popular Mobile Games For iPhone In 2019: Be Cool, Get Addicted, And Have Fun

Games continue to be the most popular apps for mobile devices in 2019. According to industry data, 180 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple store since 2017. Of these, 24.93% were gaming apps. Business apps were a far second at 9.78%.

Should anyone be surprised at the continued growth of the mobile gaming industry?

Users of gaming apps cover a wide demographic. It’s not just kids who enjoy gaming apps. Adults from different age brackets likewise have some kind of game downloaded on their iPhone or Android phone.

You probably have a few games on your smartphone. If you’re using an iPhone, here are the most popular games for the iOS in 2019:

  1. Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage

Naruto is widely considered the best anime among gaming fanatics. In this series, the beloved ninja continues his battles versus the greatest threats in the world this time with his son, Boruto.

If you enjoy RPG or Role Playing Games, give “ Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage”  is one of the most fun, cool games to download. You’ll surely have fun discovering the fighting abilities of the characters. Surprises lurk whenever you come across an icon and reveal an amazing new attack combination. You’ll be dazzled by its incredible graphics.

Fans of the Naruto franchise will be happy to know that some characters from previous series can be played in this game. This is a great mobile game you can play with your friends on the iPhone.

  1. Animal Crossing

You must have spent countless hours playing Nintendo’s Animal Crossing gaming series on your 3DS. Isabelle and her friends have been constant companions of gamers the world over. Finally, after years of constant clamor, Animal Crossing can be played on your iPhone.

Called “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp”, offers a different experience from the series’ previous games. This time you are running a campsite. You can still invite friends over and try to work on some favours in exchange for really cool goodies.

It may not have the same number of features as other versions in the Animal Crossing series. However, “Pocket Camp” is worth the wait and will surely give you and your friends’ hours of fun on your iPhone.

  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s third attempt at mobile gaming. It retains several of the gaming series’ most popular characters and has successfully translated the 3DS game to the mobile platform.

If you’ve played this game before, you might find the experience a bit lacking. However, the mobile version does present its own challenges. You still need to execute your plans with strategy. The smaller scale will make that a bit more difficult considering you have to manage a group of different characters.

Fire Emblem Heroes has recalled some of the series’ most iconic villains from the past. Battle your way through various challenges before getting to the main bad guy. You’ll have a fun time testing your fighting skills against the big bad boss.

  1. Injustice 2

If you had fun pitting your favourite DC superhero against each other on the console, now you can have the same experience on mobile format. Injustice 2, DC Comics’ polarizing series, can now be played on your iPhone.

What’s new? The mobile version now features low attacks and cool jumping movements that allow you to perform new and exciting powerful fighting combinations. Injustice 2 includes cut scenes from the console version to give gamers some sense of continuity from the controversial and complex storyline.

The only negative with Injustice 2 is that you have to pay to access its most innovative gaming features. Be ready to switch to other mobile games on your iPhone while waiting for the rest periods after play to finish.

  1. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy is a regular staple in the gaming section of the App store. Brave Exvius is probably one of the best in the long- running series. If you love adventure games, this is one of the most enjoyable, cool games for iPhone users.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius allows you to go through different towns, overcome dangerous dungeons, and put together your own team of brave but entertaining heroes.

Don’t be misled by the ease in which you overcome challenges at first. As you go deeper into the game, greater challenges will arise. These obstacles will require better strategy. You may find yourself scrambling for new equipment to have a fighting chance.

  1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go made headlines for all the wrong reasons. This fun, highly-innovative, and admittedly addictive Augmented Reality game got some gamers in a real world of hurt searching for Caterpie, Slowpoke and other crazy creatures that could now be found in the public park or local gym.

Despite making the nightly rounds on TV, Pokemon Go is a certified worldwide smash. It is one of the most popular iPhone games ever made. If you still haven’t caught on the craze, download the game on your iPhone right now. Use your GPS system to collect all the character, enter into battles, and lay down game markers.

  1. Post Knight

Do you like good mobile games that feature cute characters? Make sure you have Post Knight on your iPhone. This is one of the most popular mobile games on iPhone and it features a cute and lovable little warrior who is tasked to deliver everything the townspeople need.

The challenge? Avoid being attacked and eaten by many big, bad wolves with an appetite for adorable little post men!

You start out armed only with a sword, shield, and a few potions. After getting tested in battle, you can upgrade your tools of the trade with more powerful weapons. Hopefully, you’ll be strong and skilled enough to survive the most difficult stages of the game.

  1. Rogue Life

Are you in the mood for a shooter game while waiting in line at the supermarket checkout line? Rogue Life is a fun RPG that can be quite addictive because of its superb graphics and top level first person experience.

What is Rogue Lifeabout? Again, we have a number of cute characters as courageous heroes out to conquer quests and put away the bad guys. On the way, you get to capture some cool rewards and upgrades that can add layers of power to your heroes.

Rogue Life is not just your ordinary RPG. It comes with a neat, compelling storyline that has made it one of the most popular iPhone games in 2019.

  1. Tap My Katamari

Japan is a country known for its technological innovation as well as colourful culture. Tap My Katamari is an amalgamation of both. It blends cool features with sprinkles of intuitive creativity the Japanese are known for. What are we talking about?

This game features some of the catchiest music that you won’t get out of your head easy! Add to that some simple gameplay that recalls your days using a clicker on your smartphone.

Tap My Katamari has built a solid following over the years that fans consider it a cult classic that continues to thrive in 2018. Tap My Katamari is one of the best, cool games for iPhone users.

  1. WWE Supercard

Instead of risking a broken back by throwing a flying elbow to your friend, why not just play WWE Supercard? You can be “The Undertaker”, John Cena, AJ Styles or another popular character from the entertaining world of professional wrestling.

WWE Supercard is a digital collectible card game. You assemble your cards featuring your favourite muscled heroes and do battle with other players from remote locations.

The game is quite interactive. It is regularly updated to stay current with the latest developments in the WWE. This makes WWE Supercard one of the most popular mobile games for the iPhone in 2019 because the updates make the fans want to check up on new cards and giveaways.


The high demand for mobile games has opened new markets for the industry to create games that appeal to people of different ages; tastes and preferences.

People love playing mobile games. It’s a great way to relax, de-stress, and unwind. Gaming also creates communities. Friends or family members come together; from remote locations, to play one another. Mobile games are convenient. You can play them in the bathroom, in a coffee shop, or while queuing at a bus stop.

Today, the global mobile gaming industry is estimated to be worth $115.8 Billion. Analysts don’t believe demand for mobile gaming to be slowing down anytime soon. By 2020, the industry is projected to hit $128.5 Billion.

You can expect the technology wizards at Apple to continue pushing the envelope for user experience in 2019 and beyond. Thus, expect game makers to come up with more enjoyable and graphically magical games in the years ahead.