Coffee, Bagel, Or Me? 5 Of The Most Popular Dating Apps In 2019

As your parents would say, “Back in the day”, the supermarket was not just a place to pick up fresh meat. Barbells were not the only things you could get your hands on in the gym. Today, you could potentially meet your soul mate or have fling with a stranger with a swipe of your finger. All you have to do is download a web dating app on your smartphone. With some luck and a bit of perseverance, you could meet someone right now who could be with you for the rest of your life.

If you ask a couple, “How did you two meet?” you may still get answers such as, “We met a bar”, “I was waiting in line at the checkout counter…” or “He didn’t know which softener to use for his laundry.” Likewise, you might hear, “We met at Tinder”, “I found her at Coffee Meets Bagel” or “I saw her at Hinge and I was hooked.”

Technology Meets Social: The New Age Of Online Dating Apps

Tinder? Coffee Meets Bagel? Hinge? Are these the names of the latest bars and coffee shops in town?

No; far from it. These are some of the best apps to meet singles who are ready to mingle. A web dating app gives sight to blind dating. You no longer have to rely on a friend’s attempt to hard sell a friend or a “friend of a friend” as a prospective date for a Friday night.

The best and most popular online dating sites feature complete profiles on its users. These are filled out by the subscriber, so he/she could be guilty of a little hyperbole. And maybe that is part of the allure. Are you getting what you signed up for? Is she really the girl of my dreams? Will I find my Prince Charming on an app instead of a white horse?

Americans apparently think so. On average, users of popular free dating apps and even those that required a monthly subscription signed up to 2.4 web dating services.

In its survey of the most popular online dating sites and apps of 2019, ReportLinker asked 501 respondents what their motivations were for signing up in a web dating service.

60% of the respondents said they wanted to find true love. 41% wanted to make new friends. Meanwhile, 34% responded that they just wanted to “hook up” with other single people.

5 Of The Most Popular Dating Apps In 2019

So maybe chivalry isn’t dead. It’s just in the palm of your hands. There is someone for everyone. You just need to keep swiping your screen and try other dating sites. The good news is, we’ve eliminated the guesswork for you.

Here are the most popular dating apps in 2019.

  1. Tinder

    With more than 50 million users, Tinder is perhaps one of the most popular dating apps to try. In the same survey by ReportLinker, 42% of respondents said they use Tinder. The fact that it has a large community of users increases the likelihood of finding the right match for you.

    70% of millennials think Tinder is one of the best apps to meet singles. Tinder has heard them and has included features that appeal to this generation such as the user’s “anthem” and favourite song. Best of all, Tinder now allows you to let a potential date how special they are by letting you “Super Like” him/her.

    How to sign up for Tinder? You only have to be older than 18. Tinder no longer requires you to have a Facebook account. From there, use your creativity to write up an interesting 500-character profile. Don’t forget to upload your best photo. Tinder allows you to upload as much as six images.

  2. Coffee Meets Bagel

    In what seems to be a name better suited for a coffee shop, there is rhyme and reason on why a dating app is called Coffee Meets Bagel.

    With this app, a bagel means a potential match that is based on your online profile. Every day, the app will send you one bagel. You have 24 hours to either “pass” or “like” the bagel. Just like every successful relationship, the feeling must be mutual.

    If you liked the bagel, the other party must like you back in order to connect. Once you’ve connected, you will be given access to a private chat room where you can send each other messages. You have eight days to use the chat room which should be more than enough time to figure out if you’d like to meet up or not.

    What does coffee have to do with it?

    The coffee part has to do with “beans” which stand for additional features in the app. You can either buy the features or earn them by recommending the app to other potential users.

  3. OKCupid

    If you’re the type who’s more cautious about meeting strangers online, then OKCupid is the best dating app for you.

    OKCupid does its best to increase the compatibility score among its subscribers. The app provides questions where you can match your answers to subscribers whose answers closely reflect how you would prefer them to answer. It’s an attempt to try and match people based on how they think and feel about certain issues.

    Just like the character it was named after, OKCupid will try to match you with someone the app feels best fits your character. Tap on its “matches” feature and instead of getting the people you’ve matched up with, you will only see those the app has figured could be a better fit for you.

    There is also the “quickmatch” feature where choices can be made based on photos alone. As they say, “The first attraction is always visual.” If you believe this, then give OKCupid a try.

    Similar to Tinder, you don’t need a Facebook account to sign up to OKCupid. Take the time to write your profile. OKCupid gives you the freedom to create a longer, more comprehensive profile so you can attract more interest.

  4. Hinge

    Think of Hinge like speed dating on a smartphone. Like other popular web dating apps, Hinge tries to match you with potential partners by giving you questions to answer. However, unlike other popular web dating sites, the questions handed out by Hinge are more fun and less asinine.

    Simply swipe right if your answer to the question is in the affirmative. Conversely, swipe left if your answer to the question is negative. You will have a better idea if you’ve found Mr. or Ms. Right.

    Hinge gives you greater exposure than most web dating apps. Other than your Facebook friends, it will likewise connect you with friends of your own contacts. It will connect you not only on the basis of who you know but also on what you like.

    Perhaps the best thing about Hinge is that it allows you to ask a common friend more information about a person you like. Are you concerned about being stalked? No worries! You can only be messaged by people you have been matched with.

    The idea that you can be connected by friends or acquaintances make Hinge feel more like a dating service than just another online site for people wanting to hook up.


    Who hasn’t heard of It was already popular among singles even before mobile apps became all the rage. The process for joining the community has likewise been made easier. No Facebook account necessary. All you have to do is follow the procedure for signing up, upload some images, fill out your profile, and come up with a username and password.

    If you are feeling flirtatious, “wink” at someone you like. will send you potential matches every day. The pairings will be based on the interests listed in your profile. is one of the most popular free dating apps but if you want to get the best features, you should sign up for its paid subscription. The most affordable option will cost you $21 for six months.

    With the paid subscription feature, you will have a better idea of who is interested in you. How? will let you know who has viewed your profile, and liked your uploaded images.

    One of the downsides of using is that its interface will take some time getting used to. It is not as navigable or user- friendly as Tinder.

  6. Conclusion

    Should you give these popular dating apps a try? Sure why not! Face it. It’s a mobile world we live in. We use digital technology and the Internet to make life and work easier. Why not harness its power to have a little bit of fun and excitement?