Popcorn Time for MAC and PC

Popcorn Time is an application that lets it users watch movies by streaming torrents, it does not download the movie or TV  show but streams and gets  the files, the beauty of this application is it does not need any 3rd party application like  Bluestacks  basically it does not need any emulator  for running the  application in some areas it resembles  Show Box and some users felt it is better than other applications

This is an alternative for people who cant install show box or pay for Netflix, as MAC has some restriction on show box, and some times the show box sit goes down for MAC  this is really use full for MAC users as mentioned above  it does not need a emulator so it is best for all PC’s




There are different versions of application for MAC, WINDOWS, ANDROID, LINUX

for any of these  operating systems just click hear  the web site will detect what OS you are using gives you a download file


click on download option how ever more versions are available below just scroll down

download the file and install it is easy and normal as other applications(if any problems comment bellow)

one’s your done click on the popcorn icon and you will get

popcorn On top there are options like MOVIES, TV Series, Anime etc  select your option then watch movies or what ever you want

there is also option for sub titles, setting video quality etc, you can also select Action, Adventures, Popular, comedy etc there are lots of option in ever category  if  you find hard to choose a movie well this options are for you