Pokémon GO Is Updated Improving The System To Track Pokémons

Just a few hours ago, Niantic Labs has released a new update for both iOS and Android devices of its massive success Pokémon GO, which has managed to raise 200 million dollars in its first month available.

pokemon-goThe 1.3.0 update. fixes some important bugs, it allows us to change our alias in the game and most significantly, introduces a new tracking system Pokémon, Sightings (sightings), which currently is only available for some players for the duration of the testing process.

This new system shows the creatures that are around us accompanied by a picture of a close pokéstop , an important clue that allows narrow the circle on the Pokémon and that in theory should make your location easier. The other players of Pokémon GO time will have to settle for a list of nearby creatures until Niantic decides to extend the new function.

According to some users who have been able to thoroughly test the update, now GO tracks Pokémon space 200 meters around, showing a much more precise than before list. Thus, in contrast to what was happening until now, the Pokémon that remain outside that range away, would be removed from the list of nearby creatures.

This is the full list of improvements published by Niantic for Pokémon GO:

  • Added a warning to remind coaches not to play while traveling at speed and must ensure they do not lead as they play.
  • Improvements in the accuracy of the curve launch of Pokéball.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented proper earn bonus experience to get pitches good, great and excellent.
  • Fixed achievements incorrect icons showing medal.
  • Added option that coaches can change their nickname once.
  • Resolved issues with saving battery mode on iOS devices and reintroduced the feature.
  • Added aspects of the leaders of Candela, Blanche and Spark equipment.
  • Test of a variation of Pokemon system near some users. During this period you could see some changes in the interface Pokémon nearby.
  • Minor corrections in text.