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Pokemon Go For PC: How A Simple Hack Will Get You Set Up On Windows

Pokémon has been a huge gaming hit since its first introduction. It’s hard to believe that it’s been around for 20 years. Makes a lot of look quite old. But the great thing is that the game has changed and adapted to younger generations.

More importantly it has changed to take advantage of new technology. But that tech change also brings one of its biggest drawbacks:

It’s only available as an app on mobile devices.

Now, we will admit that if you don’t have a mobile device you’ve probably been in a coma or on a desert island. Between Android and iOS there are so many options. And they are pretty damn cheap at this stage as well.

But there are very good reasons to want to play the game on your desktop or laptop PC. We’ll get to those reasons on this page. They include better screen resolution, faster processing and for some people regular computers are just easier to use.

We will get to some pretty simple instructions to get set up next. It does involve a bit of an ugly hack. But it will work. And in less than 10 minutes you could be ready to play Pokemon Go for PC.

Pokemon Go For PC Installation Instructions

There is essentially a two-stage process for getting Pokemon go for Windows. With no official version of the game available it does require a little bit of help from some emulator tools. These essentially make your computer act like it’s an Android phone.

There are two very popular emulators available, and we recommend them both. You can download and use them for free with the links we provide in this section. Once you are set up with an emulator there is one additional step you need to take. And that is to fake your GPS location. We’ll discuss why that is needed in the next section.

How To Play Pokemon Go On Bluestacks

The first of the two emulators we recommend is Bluestacks. It’s been around for a long time. And it’s gone through many version to make it a very stable and reliable system. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the latest Bluestacks software from this link
  • When it has downloaded, you can launch and install it. This should only take a few minutes
  • Once the installation is complete you can launch the app and you’ll see a screen with a search function and ability to add apps
  • You will need to load and install the following APKs:
    1. Kingroot
    2. Fake GPS
    3. Pokemon
  • At this stage, you are ready to start the process and simply follow a few instructions in the below video

As you can see there is a very precise order to follow. If you start up Pokémon too early, when you haven’t faked your GPS then it just won’t work. We’ll get into some info about fake GPS data in the next section.

Pokemon Go PC Nox App Player Instructions:

Nox App Player is one of the latest emulators and it works really well. It has some advantages over Bluestacks. But overall, they are both very good solutions. With Nox app you do get the Google Play Store pre-installed. That is very handy for loading all the games that you have bought with your phone or tablet.

Here are the instructions for Nox App:

  • Download the latest version of Nox App. This should only take a few minutes at most and depends on your internet speed.
  • Launch the installer and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Start the app and enter your Google account data to be linked to the Google Play store app
  • You will need to load and install the following APKs:
    1. Kingroot
    2. Fake GPS
    3. Pokemon
  • Now you have all the software you need and you can do the same set up as in the Bluestacks video above.

Now, we should mention that faking you GPS is not illegal. But it does go against the terms and conditions of the Pokémon game. And even though the game is free to use it could happen that you get banned.

Not the end of the world, but just something to be aware of. One way to avoid this is to not constantly move your GPS location by huge distances. You don’t want to be in Tokyo at noon and then New York an hour later. That kind of activity will quickly get you caught out.

Why You Need A Fake GPS Generator

The above Pokemon go PC hack includes a tool that will allow you to place yourself anywhere in the world. The reason this is a necessary step is that the entire Pokémon game is based on augmented reality.

It essentially uses your location and camera to overlay some different characters. Whatever about not having a camera. But not having GPS would not allow you to play the game. So, that’s why you have to fake your GPS data.

The other problem is that even if your PC had GPS, you wouldn’t really be able to move it around. To the game, you would just constantly be stationary. The GPS faker app helps you with that problem. You can pick a location and then move around from A to B on a map.

The only real issue with this is that it’s against the terms and conditions of the game. If you gt caught you will be banned. This would most likely happen if you very suddenly changed location. For example, if right now you set your location to Central Park in New York. And then 5 minutes later were in Hyde park in London.

That would be a huge red flag. So, make sure you are careful about choosing your locations.

What Is Pokémon?

From a gaming perspective, there are two important types of characters. There are the Pokémon creatures and the human Pokémon trainers. As a trainer, you have to find these creatures and then train them to battle each other for sport.

Now that is the simplest way to explain and obviously, there is a lot more to it. First of all, there are over 800 different types of characters. And in all the games some are more common than others. Some are even extremely rare making the chances to encounter one very low.

Overall there have been 7 generations of the game since it was first introduced by Nintendo in the mid 90s. With every new generation, new monsters were added. And of course, the graphics and gaming strategy changed as well.

Your task has always been to search in a virtual world for these small monsters. The longer you played the higher your chances were of finding them. And that hasn’t changed.

The main thing that has changed in recent years is the introduction of Pokémon Go. This fully takes advantage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Rather than exploring in a virtual fictitious world, you now use your smartphone camera and screen to see an augmented reality.

That means that your screen shows what your camera is taking in. And then the game overlays game related information. For example, whether there is a little monster nearby.

How Do You Play It?

The simple answer to that should be “Play it carefully!”

Because you need to watch your smartphone screen to see what’s going on in the Pokémon world, it can quickly happen that you start moving around and don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

There are countless videos on YouTube that show how quickly have got themselves into trouble. Some of them might be fun to watch. Bu in many cases there can be some serious consequences.

That means you don’t want to be running or walking while you are looking at your screen. That screen will not show all of your surroundings. And the very least it will result in you walking into something or someone.

So, now that you know you have to be careful the question really is what you have to do. Essentially, as you go around your daily life you should keep an eye on the game. Launch the game occasionally and see if there are any monsters hiding nearby.

When you do spot one it’s time to get into action and try and capture it. Just be careful as some of them move quite fast. And don’t be tempted to run after them. That’s how most of the accidents in the below video happen.

On What Platforms Can You Use The App?

Nintendo have never released a game for PC. And with most gaming apps these days just available on mobile devices, it’s just not likely to happen. Overall the trend is towards mobile only apps for so many games. It’s usually just high end graphics games that find their way onto desktop computers.

While it is understandable to a point, it is still very annoying. There are very good reasons to want to play games on your PC. And in many cases those reasons are due to limited mobility or even vision. We’ll take a closer look at some of those reasons in the next section.

But even if you have a Windows mobile device you’ll be out of luck. The game has only been developed for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Pokémon go for PC platforms and Windows mobile is simply not likely to happen.

That means that if you really want to play the game you have to buy a new phone. And that just sounds crazy. The good news is that the above hack will get you going on your computer in no time. You can still have all the fun and you won’t have to leave your home. As a result you’ll even be less likely to have an accident.

Why Would You Want To Play It On Your Windows PC?

There are quite a few reasons and in this section, we’ll give you the most important ones. Because the game is reliant on a smartphone or tablet with GPS you will need the latest technology to work. Now most smartphones for at least 5 years have had GPS so you should be covered there.

But as mentioned above, you would be out of luck if you had a Windows phone. And with no PC Pokemon game for free download like the app your only choice is buying a different phone. Not cool!

Another reason may be down to visual impairments or limited mobility. The small screen on your phone isn’t the most suitable if you’re visually impaired. Larger computer screens are far better in those situations.

Or maybe you have difficulty using a touch screen. There are far more usability devices for computers than smartphones. And then you could be limited in being able to get out of the house easily.

All these situations would mean that you can’t enjoy the latest and greatest fun game.

But even if you have ful vision and mobility there is often a lot of graphical content lost on a small screen. Being able to play it on a large screen from the comfort of your home can be ideal. And what if you want to play it late in the evening or in bad weather.

The list of reasons really does keep going on. But the good news is that with the above hack you’ll be up and running in no time.


Pokemon go for PC is an option only with a little bit of a hack. None of the steps required are illegal, but they are against the terms of usage of the game. Because of the temptation to skip to different locations you can quickly end up getting banned.

But if you are sensible about it then you can have a load of fun right from the comfort of your home.