PlayStation Is Now On PC

The gaming service PlayStation streaming could reach PC in the coming weeksplaystation-now-on-pc

In May 2015, Sony launched PlayStation Now, their platform to play games on your PlayStation 3 streaming devices Sony. The service, which consists of a monthly or annual subscription that dispenses the user to own a PlayStation 3 console to play, since using a new technology the game is loaded remotely, has not had the expected business impact. Thus, according to rumors collected by the specialized site PC Games N, next August 23 will be informed about the launch of the platform for PC users.

According collect rumors that day, computers Britain, Holland and Belgium can access the service available in its catalog of over 400 games including exclusive titles for Sony as Uncharted, God of War or The Last found of Us. A week after the service will be launched in the US and Canada and later in other countries.

As for its current price, the platform offers an annual subscription of 100 euros (100 US dollars), 45 euros (45 US dollars) if quarterly, or 20 euros ($ 20 US. UU.) for the monthly subscription.

The latest rumors have flooded the network ensures that on 23 August Sony announced the availability of its service PlayStation Now on PC in countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, to arrive a week after Canada and the United States. Hopefully other countries around the world, including Spain, will also benefit from this service at a later date.

Now coming to PlayStation PC, you only need to have a computer with Windows 7 or higher, a remote control and compatible ADSL connection 5Mbps minimum. Now thanks to PlayStation games of the caliber of The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension or Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, also can be enjoyed on the PC.

The biggest drawback of PlayStation Now is its price, requiring a monthly payment of $ 19.99, although given the option to rent games for hours and days.

On September 7 Sony has cited the international press to attend the PlayStation Meeting, an event to be held in New York and where it will release the new PlayStation 4 Neo, and possibly some news related to PlayStation Now.