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Pigeons With Sensors To Measure Air Pollution In London

London is a mega-city in continuous growth with a population of about 8.6 million. The expansion brings inevitably air pollution, with hundreds and thousands of vehicles congesting the streets of the metropolis. But not to despair, pigeons in the British capital are here to save the day.


Imagine a group of pigeons specially designed to measure air pollution devices. Now imagine these pigeons flying across the sky of London capturing data and publishing the results, for example in Twitter account. The company presented a project to be funded via crowdfunding project which has already exceeded the amount requested. Its objective was to create portable devices that people can always carry to measure air quality in the place where they are.

In order to draw attention to the campaign, they put the device in 10 pigeons that circulated in London for 3 days, collecting data and showing that it is possible to have constant information of what we are breathing. The not very beloved birds began working for the British company Plume Lambs in a program called Pigeon Patrol UK .

Here’s how it works

The company attaches various air quality sensors to the bodies of a squadron of pigeons elite. When flying through the skies of the city, birds sympathetic monitor levels of nitrogen dioxide and the company tweeting the results on your Twitter account @PigeonAir.

The first “technological” pigeon took flight, along with a flock of partners, from Brick Lane in east London. The tiny sensor placed on his back, barely weighs 25 grams, not in the least restricts the movement of the bird. While another bird equipped with GPS is responsible for informing the flight path.

If you want to know how polluted the air in the neighborhood where you live, you can tweet to @PigeonAir and request a reading of pollution in your area. But please, do not touch the birds discovered whether taking a break in your neighborhood, enjoying the remains of fish and chips.

The sensor will be sold for 99 pounds and will begin shipping in December this year, and is already included with the mobile application, which constantly informed about pollution of where we are.

Lie that scientists say is the first time using this technology in urban animals, the founder of Plume Labs, Pierre Duquesnoy, says the idea came from the use of pigeons as carriers of information in the first and second world wars, reports.

“It is a scandal health and environment, for humans and pigeons too. We are making visible the invisible “, Duquesnoy told the British newspaper.

“Most of the time, when we talk about pollution, people think of Beijing and other faraway places, but there are several days during the year which was more toxic pollution in London than in Beijing. That’s a reality. “

Air pollution in London is a major health problem that contributes to the deaths of thousands of residents per year. Pigeons not only help Londoners in the battle against illegal toxins floating in the air we breathe themselves, but also, now instead of being referred to as “rats with wings” are considered valuable alloy content.

The program will last three days. So far, the readings have shown high levels of pollution in Westminster (area which holds its sessions the British Parliament) and moderate levels of toxicity in the central London.