PHP 7 is Here With Some Major Changes

To all the Developers and techies out there PHP 7 is already among us in development of hobby project to serious bussiness projects.For me WordPress the greatest gift built on PHP. If you haven’t known yet, on Thursday December 3 the stable version 7.0.0 of the popular programming language PHP was released, which tries to be a leap in quality and that comes with interesting news about their predecessors.


These developments and improvements are stated from the project core team getting a 7 PHP performance include:

  • New version of Zend Engine (PHP codenamed # NG)
  • Significant reduction in memory usage
  • Abstract syntax tree
  • Consistent support for 64-bit
  • A number of fatal mistakes turned into exceptions.
  • Improvement in the hierarchy of these exceptions
  • Generating random numbers safer
  • With null coalescing operator (the coveted ??)
  • Anonymous classes
  • Compatibility with the latest hot off OpenSSL (1.0.2e)

They have also removed all extensions and old features and have fixed dozens of bugs, as you can see in the change-log, which is really impressive in terms of volume and length.

If you want to start tinkering already, you can download it from the official website of PHP which also offers a comprehensive guide for migrating projects from earlier versions

If you haven’t known yet check out :

They have stated :

PHP 7 is here. 10033 commits 48 RFCs 189 contributors We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!
— (@official_php) December 3, 2015