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Parrot disk: A Drone Which Can Fly At 80 km / h

Parrot discloses an apparatus fixed wing that can reach high speeds. The company Parrot has published the specifications of Parrot disk, a drone whose main characteristic is that it can reach speeds up to 80 km / h. The news, released at CES in Las Vegas and picked up by the official website of the company not only lies in that fact, but also in its design: Disco Parrot is a fixed-wing drone, which contrasts with fours devices hitherto the industry standard.

Disco parrot has a system that makes you hold a great deal of autonomy, thanks to an autopilot assisted by various sensors and a GPS advanced by which routes can be established without a permanent human care, although the launch itself is being done so manual. Here, the drone can be controlled by various devices such as tablets or a specific command to the device. Disco Parrot has periods of autonomy up to 45 minutes on a single charge and can be disassembled for easy portability. The company has announced that the drone will be released throughout this year.

Parrot aims to give a new twist to the drones, which are gradually advancing their development in the hands of many manufacturers sector. For Parrot Disco, it is a drone for all audiences, but other devices such as Flirtey are intended for a specific audience or even professional sectors.