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OnePlus introduced it’s forked Lollipop Android Build

OnePlus the Chinese smart phone maker had launched it’s own forked version of Lollipop Android Build today to everyone. OnePlus had launched it’s own version as the previous software supplier “CyanogenMod” had refused to supply the “CyanogenMod ROM” to other companies which include the OnePlus also, after making a deal with Indian smartphone company Micromax. After this deal with Micromax, OnePlus faced problems in selling the smartphones in India due to the fight with Micromax. This issue is still going on.

With this issue OnePlus had formed it’s own software team and come up with a solution to launch it’s own new custom ROM to Indian users. The company had made the Alpha version of the New ROM available to the public(Direct Download Link). So those with the OnePlus can try out the new forked Lollipop Android version.

Even though this is a forked version of Lollipop, The company said in the blog post that the users should not expect any extra features in the ROM beyond the stock features of AOSP Lollipop as they have launched it so early.   Company has assured that it will provide good customization and support it’s new ROM and the main thing that most geeky users like about is that the company want to make the ROM bloat-free! So no more inbuilt sucking apps!.

The company said in the blog post that the warranty of the phone will not void the hardware warranty if you are trying to flash the custom ROM on your OnePLus.

Via AndroidPolice