Best Top Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android Pros and Cons

Planning to hangout in new places in and around your city, or planning to visit an unknown place well in such a case GPS in hand would be a life saver isn’t it. GPS navigation applications can be of the most useful application to have on our device. There are many options for Android among which is not easy to choose. So today we want to lend a hand with pro’s and con’s of the best GPS applications in the playstore.

But remember as always, the list is not hierarchical, and number one is not the best and ten worst. You must use the application that best suits your tastes and needs.

1.Google Maps

Little can be said of this application, because most of the Andriod users have google maps as a default app on there device and almost everyone know about it. You can use it as a normal navigator when connected to internet but you have to save the maps to view them offline.

google maps


Pros :

  1. It is quite reliable in regard to reaching the final destination, directions are most accurate.
  2. I recommend this if you make occasional use of navigation especially for its simplicity, it has simple user interface.
  3. Saved map can be of the size of a big city.

Cons :

  1. Offline maps are a bit slow and does not have rerouting option for offline maps.
  2. After latest update on June 15, 2015 users have been complaining about illegal U-turns and shows user is driving backwards and the voice guidance is always late.

You can know more about Offline GPS on Google Maps from Here

2.GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

This is a world class offline GPS navigation App for Android powered by TomTom Maps. You can enjoy free navigation, gps, offline TomTom maps, POIs, route planning & free map updates.

But you have to upgrade to premium so as to enjoy high-end lifetime features, which costs from $9.99 – $90.99 per item.

Maps Sygic

Pros :

  1. Provides a very good 3d navigation with elevated mountains and city buildings.
  2. It has features like safe lane maneuvering while driving.
  3. This is cool GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic offers an in app purchase to add on a Heads Up Display for the app, i.e (during nighttime when you put the devise near windshield the device will reflect all information on the windshield.

head up display

Cons :

  1. After  every new update you have to once again download all the offline maps, otherwise it will not be usable when no external data is available.
  2. This has a complex user interface all the POI icons coincide with the location names.

You can download the Sygic App directly from Google Playstore Download Link

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3.HERE Maps

Here maps is for the people who love to travel a lot and explore the world around you and visit new places, Now you need not  worry about getting lost. This application was featured in the Guardian, the New York Times, TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, Mashable.



Pros :

  1. This allows you to same offline maps on the device.
  2. Voice navigation is accurate and can be used offline which is not available in most of the offline maps.
  3. It has best 3d navigation features.

Cons :

  1. Unfortunately Here does not support SD card storage. If user wants to store any bigger maps he has to clear the phone data and store the offline data.

You can download Here Maps from Google Playstore download link

4.OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

OSM stands for Open Street Map and has similar features as the other navigation apps but it has same features both online and offline. It stores offline data in the device storage.


Pros :

  1. It is a free app and uses OpenStreetMap data.
  2. By using an additional plugin OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is able to utilize contour lines on its maps.
  3. All major functionalities work both online and offline which is not offered by most of the popular map services.

Cons :

  1. Has very few updates, so some ares maps are not that accurate.
  2. It has very poor offline navigation capacity it is not accurate while offline.
  3. Does not have a  3D view Navigation interface like other apps does.

This app is available for Android, iOS, You can download the Android version from Here

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5.komoot — Hike & Bike GPS Maps

Komoot is best suited for hikers and bike riders because it is best designed to gives you topographic maps, turn-by-turn navigation, recommendations, which are really helpful for hikers and nature lovers.The maps are available in reginol area wise, You need to pay for downloading the reginonal maps. Refer to pricing chart for more infomation. Ofcourse you can signup for free with Facebook Login.

komoot maps

Pros :

  1. It has some best routes for cyclists.
  2. Only a small area can be downloaded for offline use.
  3. Does not support SD card have to be stored on device.

Cons :

  1. Offline rerouting is not available for this app which will be annoying for bikers.
  2. Facebook login is required, Which I don’t think that is neccery for those who are concered about privacy.

Download the App for Android from here

6.CoPilot GPS – Navigation App

Copilot is one of the most popular choices, probably because it was the first to offer the ability to browse offline. Through the application, you can get free maps and boasts many other possibilities as to inform our friends location for social networking, use the pedestrian to when we walk, discover landmarks mode, etc. It has a paid version, CoPilot Live Premium offers 3D navigation, voice guidance and traffic information in real time.


CoPilot GPS - Navigation App

Pros :

  1. Gives you free trial for active traffic data.
  2. You can download maps of your choice.
  3. Excellent customer services, they have quick response on playstore .

Cons :

  1. Only way to enter a destination is to use the postcode.And it is annoying to check for a locations post code on google and continue navigation.
  2. Navigation interface is a bit problematic due to some touch responses while zooming in and out.
  3. Really poor Route planning.Which I am not satisfied after using other GPS navigatinal apps. There is more for improvment in the app.

You can download the app from Google playstore from here


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7.Navmii GPS World (Navfree)

Navfree is now called Navmii, and remains a completely free GPS maps application which WHO are also available offline. This browser may not be as intuitive as above, but is free and fulfills its function pretty well, so it may be worth a try before going to purchase a browser payment.

Navmii GPS World (Navfree)

Pros :

  1. Voice guided navigation is really accurate.
  2. This uses OSM data which will be helpful while navigation.
  3. Realtime Traffic reporter.

Cons :

  1. Image quality is not good.
  2. User interface and routing is not good compared to others.
  3. Not available in every location.

You can download from here

8.GPS Navigation & Maps – Scout

GPS Navigation & Maps – Scout is an online and offline map and navigation app that is free to download and use.

GPS Navigation & Maps - Scout 

Pros :

  1. Utilizes OSM data like above 4th app .
  2. It warns about speed traps ahead and good navigation.

Cons :

  1. It is hard to point out a location if it does not get external data.
  2. Unfortunately it can’t find all the streets if I search for town and street, which is very disapointing of this app.

Download from here

9.Locus Map Pro

LocusPro is different from previous GPS navigator, and that is especially for activities like biking, hiking or other sports. It helps download maps of tourist routes and cyclists as well as check the weather, find parking and multiple configuration possibilities. Although LocusPro is to pay, we can try free version first to test it and see if it convinces us.


Locus Map Pro

Pros :

  1. The best application to navigate the terrain, offline maps are good.
  2. Stores Offline data on SD card.
  3. Helps download maps of tourist routes and cyclists as well as check the weather, find parking and multiple configuration possibilities.

Cons :

  1. Offline rerouting is not available.
  2. Pro version can cost more than other similar apps.

Download the app from here

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The collaborative GPS navigator, and users are reporting works and traffic jams so that the application is constantly updated in this regard and reliable data of the drivers themselves. Furthermore, if your speed drops below the road, the application itself asks you what‘s wrong, if works or jam, which makes it easier.


Pros :

  1. Live routing based on community driven, real-time traffic & road info.
  2. Accurate maps from a free app.

Cons :

  1. Voice controls will not work properly.
  2. Work time is less. hangs up the phone if used for long time.
  3. Does not support all mobiles.
  4. Does not work in all countries

Download the app from here

If you think we have missed your favorite offline GPS then please let us know, We will update the post. You can help thousands of Android users around the world by sharing with us.

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