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Offline GPS Apps

5 Of The Best Offline GPS Apps

GPS maps have brought about exceptional freedom of finding your way around without having to fold out maps and try and figure out where you are. But at the same time, most available apps these days download the map information at your current location. This means that it constantly uses your data plan and this can quickly add up if you are going on longer journeys.

Your might still have a GPS navigator in your car, or a device like TomTom, and these are great for having huge amounts of map data built in. The problem is though that they are usually quite large and often need to be plugged in to work.

For your car journeys that will continue to work great, but if you want to use a map while also walking around, then this will not be an acceptable solution. That’s why there are so many different map apps available on your phone, but as mentioned they will eat into your data usage and can end up costing you dearly.

That is where Offline GPS Apps come in to play.

What Are Offline GPS Apps?

As the name suggests an offline GPS will allow you to view a map of your location or destination, without having to download the information. What you have to do is connect your phone or tablet to your Wi-Fi at home and launch the chosen app. You will learn more about recommended apps at the bottom of this page.

Within the apps you have the ability to download all the ma data for specific areas, either around where you live and work, or maybe for a place you planning to visit on vacation or a business trip.

When you then start using the navigation service within the app you will not be charged for data usage. All the information is available and GPS data is not something you get charged for.

How Will You Benefit From Offline GPS Apps?

As already mentioned you will save on using your data plan to download maps on the fly. While some providers have very generous data plans, others can be quite stingy and you will quickly run over your limits and incur significant fees. If you plan to travel abroad then offline maps will be especially cost saving, as mobile phone operators have an incredible ability to extract cash from your pocket when using services outside the country.

Another reason is that a lot of places have poor or no cell phone connection available and you could find yourself trying to figure out where you while staring at a blank screen in your phone. Take this into account before planning a longer road trip where you could be jumping in ad out of service.

5 Apps That Will Help You

In order to help you see through all the different options available you can check out these 5 highly recommended options. There is something in here for every budget and none of these will break the bank.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

One of the most downloaded apps is Sygic and it is powered by TomTom. It’s popularity stems from the fact that you will receive very high quality maps that are constantly updated to make sure changes are quickly available. The free version does quite a good job, but for all the features including 3D navigation, lane assist and traffic updates you will have to splash out for some of the in-app purchases.

There are different options available for specific locations and you can tailor your purchases to your needs. You will not regret investing in this app!

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot is another great option for your offline navigation needs. The app is free but in order to download maps and get voice guided navigation you have to upgrade to the premium version which will cost about $20 for all North American maps and voice guidance. This is not a bad price for what you get, considering that standalone GPS navigators will cost at least $100 for a decent model. Updates are regularly made to maps and functionality so you will be up to date for all your trips.

TomTom GO

One of the most well-known makers of consumer GPS navigation is TomTom and they have been bringing high-tech and well-designed products to the market for over 20 years now. It shouldn’t be surprising that they have entered the mobile app market, and this option will give you exceptional reliability and quality of service. The only downside is that in order to get unlimited navigation and offline apps you have sign up to a subscription. At $20 it is well worth it and there are discounts available if you want to subscribe for 3 years.

Google Maps

One of the best options that is completely free is Google Maps. You might well be among those people that regularly use Google Maps to find places, and the great thing is that it has so many businesses and places of interest to search. Until a few years ago, there was no functionality to download maps and you had to use your data connection. But now you can simply search for a location and then use the download functionality when connected to the Internet. Quite simply this is the best free offline GPS option.

What it isn’t as good at as other options is dealing with traffic and having the most up to date information about delays on your route that then result in giving you alternative suggestions.


This is another very popular option, but you may find this to be most suitable from a price competitiveness point of view. The free version has ads which you may find a bit annoying, but it’s only $2 to go ad free. What’s great is that you can download national maps for less than $5 each which makes this by far one of the cheapest paid options available.

The great thing is that you can try it out with ads for free and see how you like the functionality and reliability. The ads are not intrusive and do not interfere with navigation itself.