NSA Hacking Is Real, According To Snowden Documents

Earlier this week a mysterious group of hackers, called “The Shadow Broker,” which claimed to have successfully managed to hack a hacker NSA organization. In this attack they have managed to gain important tools such as the Stuxnet virus.edward-snowden-nsa-hack

Logically before an announcement like this, with auction of stolen material included, there was much speculation about the possibility that this could have happen, or whether they could actually sell information and software they claimed to have, although several computer security experts said it appeared be real.

Now according to The Intercept, these tools the hacker group claims to have stolen and put on sale, appear in documents Edward Snowden NSA managed to filter. For this filtration former employee of the CIA and the NSA he is wanted for criminal charges behind him.

These tools have been stolen “Equation Group”, a group of hackers believed that while fighting against mass surveillance network, it appears that belong to the NSA itself. Attackers have shown only add that some of the material they got, and ask for millions of dollars for the rest.

I Intercept leaves it quite clear, explaining that evidence comes from a manual of the NSA in which we talk about how to follow a previously implanted malware for them. This information, not available to the public until the leak, said tracking reveals that a key of 16 digits would be used specifically: “ace02468bdf13579”.

This same character string appears in the filtration of “The Shadow Brokers” with reference to the same program known under the name SECONDDATE. Its function is merely the infecting ordinary users who believe they are accessing secure web pages, but end up getting a good portion of access from the NSA.

Surely in the coming days or weeks we have more news on this cyber attack as it can give a lot to talk about.