NSA Got Hacked By A Hacker Organization

The NSA (National Security Agency) of the US has been in recent years a hot topic in the leading technology publications around the world, such serious charges as having committed espionage against the United Nations or illegally access accounts deprived of officials such as former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.nsa got hacked

Not only that, but its scope would have affected 122 heads of state around the world, and the revelations of Edward Snowden who put him in the crosshairs of the US intelligence services, would have simply added fuel to the fire knowing that his spying has no limit reaching all citizens of the world, but obviously the directors of the organization defend.

However, it seems that this time the NSA itself would have been hacked, specifically, a hacker organization that is believed to belong to this known as “Equation Group” agency. At least that is what many take for granted after the revelation of a hacker group known as “The Shadow Brokers”.

According to them, it would have gained access to the network of “Equation Group”, the alleged hacking organization under the control of the NSA, managing to gain various spy tools and other software. Moreover, the group has created an auction in asking bitcoin 1 million (about 568 million dollars) to deliver all files.

The incident reportedly took place on 13 August, at which time “The Shadow Brokers” published all files on GitHub, although the repository now has been disabled by the administrators of the web. Ensure that the information is even more valuable than the dreaded worm Stuxnet.

So far it is unclear if indeed this group has managed to evade security “Equation Group”, an organization that until recently was thought to fighting cyber espionage. Multiple security experts believe that they have actually achieved, and if so, could be looking at the year’s biggest cyber attack.