Nox App Player – An Alternative to BlueStacks

Emulator Basics

The basic idea of emulators is to allow different Operating System environments and their native applications to be run from within the Windows Operating System. This essentially enables you to have your Android phone apps running directly on your Windows laptop or desktop computer.

Bluestacks has been the most popular Android emulator available and it certainly has been the best option from a technical perspective as well as the fact that you will receive regular updates that make it compatible with the latest games available.

But now, there is a very viable alternative called Nox App Player that brings you some really great advantages and new features not available on Bluestacks. As it is also a free application you can quite simply run it along side your Bluestacks application, and you will likely find that both emulators have features you will take advantage of for different games you like playing.

Why Use An Emulator?

There are many reasons why you might want to get set up with an emulator like Nox App, but the most common one is to take advantage of much more processing power on a desktop computer versus a mobile phone. Unless you have the latest and most up-to-date Android phone you can quickly run into performance problems with very graphic intense games, resulting in stuttering graphics and even apps crashing. This is not something you want to happen while you are in the middle of game play.

Also, even the larger screens available on certain phones can provide you with relatively limited screen resolutions. You will find that many action games available just are not quite the same at a small phone size resolution. Once you load the same game in an emulator you will be able to take advantage of your computer’s screen resolution and have a much more enjoyable visual experience giving you much more precise game play.

You can go directly to the installation instructions below to get set up with a completely free version of Nox App, if you want to skip over the individual benefits of this newest app.

Benefits Of Latest Nox App Player

There are a few features that are really great with Nox App Player that make it stand out against other emulators and ultimately give you a fantastic game play experience on your Windows PC.

Google Play Store Integration

One thing that Nox have introduced in their emulator is that you immediately have the Google Play app on the home screen when you first install the software. This means you are ready to go and download your favorite apps and games straight after installation, without complex steps for getting Google Play up and running. If you follow the below installation steps you will have Google Play set up with your own account settings ready to go.

Unlimited Multiplayer Windows

The feature allows you to have many emulator app windows open at the same time so that you can have several different apps running at the simultaneously without having to push them to the background and switch between them. You can simply jump between emulator windows and with a large enough screen you can even have several of them open next to each other.

Customize Hardware Settings

This is one of the really great features of Nox App that you will take advantage of to set certain limits for the hardware allocation. It allows you to determine what CPU speed, RAM and screen resolution you will use. This is particularly beneficial for multiplayer games across different computers that have different hardware configurations; this way you can have all multi players set to the same configuration so that you have a fair and level game set up.

Connect Game Controllers

If you really want to get precise game control for high action games then using a controller or gamepad will be the best option. You will find it a lot easier to navigate a game with a controller versus touch input or tilting of your phone. This will give you much better and accurate input, improving your success rate on practically all types of games.

Built On Android Kernel 4.4.2

Using the latest KitKat Android kernel version 4.4.2 you will ensure maximum compatibility across different platforms and apps available. Nox App is also fully compatible with both X86 and AMD type processors meaning you have greater flexibility to install on different types of computers.

Installation Process

Installing Nox App Player is really quite a simple task for you to perform. These 5 steps will guide you through the process and have you up and running in no time at all.

  • Use this download link to get the latest officially released version of the App onto your computer.
  • Once the download is complete make sure the installer launches
  • When the installation process has reached 100% you can hit the “Start” button to launch the app and start the automatic initialization setup.
  • Once the app launches you will be able to enter your Google account information, which will then be linked, to the built in Google Play App.
  • Finally, you will see the home screen of the emulator where you will be able to go directly to Google Play and download your favorite games and apps.

Now, you are ready to go and have a whole new experience with your games directly on your PC, to give you a completely different type of game interaction.


Nox App has introduced some significant new features that make it a much more integrated and easy to use Android emulator. Because it can regularly happen that the latest and greatest games are not fully compatible in the emulation version, it does make sense for you to have both Nox App and Bluestacks installed at the same time, so that you will not get caught out waiting for updates to be released.

It is quite likely that Bluestacks will respond with new feature updates to match Nox, but it is difficult to say when exactly that will happen. In the meantime, it’s easiest to just have both emulators installed and see what your personal preferences are for using each of them.

Just use the above installation instructions and see what you think for yourself and experience how it can improve your game play and success rate.