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Now You Can Use Facebook Messenger Without Facebook Account

You are one of those who look askance your privacy and that happens not to create a Facebook account? If you enter the profile of users, from now on you you will see not limited to use Facebook Messenger , the instant messaging application integrated with social network. And with the latest update of the application(in Android) the company introduces changes to Facebook Messenger so much that you can send messages in real time with just your name, phone number and profile picture.

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Facebook rectified:

It previously forced its users to install the Facebook application to make use of Messenger, the latest update to its instant messaging app proposes a major change in this regard. Not only it will not be necessary to have the app that manages the network, but from now not even be needed for Facebook.

A major change :

It notifies, the US company on its official blog, which provides some details about the policy change of use of the application. After the arrival of the new version of Messenger for Android, the home screen will continue to provide automatic access to credentials from Facebook.

  • Instead, at the bottom a new section from which users can log in without registration in the network graph social. Facebook Messenger included Name, photo and phone number, you need.
  •  After selecting the option, the user can be identified in the instant messaging service simply by providing your name, phone number and a photo to complete the profile Messenger account.
  • This platform will be able to interconnect with other users contact both your phone book as other related and associated with Facebook contacts.
  • Likewise the user will have at your fingertips much of the benefits of the messaging application, which besides sending messages and participate in chat groups, the ability to send photos, videos, tags and other services such as calls are added.

At the moment, updating Facebook Messenger which will be separated from the social network completely available in specified regions as USA, Canada, Peru and Venezuela, so it remains to know when Facebook decides to extend this important innovation to other countries including Indian.

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