Now You Can Try Microsoft Office 2016 Preview IT Pro and Developer Preview

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Microsoft today had announced it’s new Office 2016 version pre release to the developers and IT Pros after developing and testing of the software for so many months.

Microsoft had released the version to the developers and IT pro for testing, If you are a IT professinal or Developer who want to have a look at the new features then you can ign up for the preview through the Microsoft Connect website.

You can get your hands for free on the developer version, Here are few features of that are planned in the pre-release version.

Features of Office 2016 Preview Version:

Data Loss Protection (DLP):

This feature was already implemented in the other Microsoft Products like Outlook,OneDrive, and SharePoint, Now Microsoft is including this feature in Office which will be integrated with Word,Excel and other office tools. With this tool IT admins can centrally create, manage and enforce polices for content authoring and document sharing.


To access and enjoy the high-value Excel features like PivotTables and Slicers, Microsft is focusing on the improvement of  keyboard accessibility

Click-to-Run deployment

The feature that IT pros are asking Microsoft for so many days will be there in Office 2016, With this new tool IT admins can manage the activation and deployment of the product so easily.

Information Rights Management (IRM):

With this new feature there will be improvement in online as well as offline protection to the Visio files and diagrams.

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