Now You Can Play Pac-man on Google Maps

Google,Wow just Wow. Just in time for “April Fools’ Day” (held in different parts of the world on April 1st), Google has added a new option in the desktop version of Google Maps to convert any map in a maze of Pac-Man.



Just go to Google Maps from your web browser and see the new option of Pac-Man in the bottom left.

google packman2

Press this button and within seconds Google Maps turns every street on the map in the famous Pac-Man maze. What’s more, you can control the legendary Pac-Man (complete with ghosts chasing) using your keyboard.

google packman

The only limitation we saw is that the area you want to convert on a mission to Pac-Man must have sufficient straight streets to do the conversion.Take before Google removed this option.

hahaha isn’t is cool. I wish google make much fun projects ahead. Enjoy the game folks 😉