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Now You Can Embed Reddit Posts Anywhere In The Web

While Reddit is one of the most popular Internet communities and even assumed, on certain occasions, the starting point of many news.Earlier the inability to insert these redit posts in articles created discomfort that forced us to take screenshots, add links, and so on you can already assume.
A deficit that now the portal has decided to alleviate. Yes, because the company just announced that already allows this, to embed their publications in any website. A provision in the style of Twitter and Facebook, whose contents can be added for some time and that puts us the easiest things to publishers. But not only that.

In fact, it results in incorporating most useful stuff for readers, who have the option to extend the information, participate in discussions of the platform more easily, and so on. Reddit pampers, of course, is benefited, because it is a way that your content is still alive elsewhere beyond your website.

Mark Luckie, head of media Reddit also stressed in an interview with TechCrunch, its content also had certain characteristics that set it apart from social networks. “The good thing about the contents of Reddit that usually are longer, deeper than what you see on other social platforms. In fact, he says that the trend of the threads of the web give rise to news is “a testament to the power of the discussions of the site.”

redit2Returning to the messages themselves, moreover, they include not only text but can incorporate videos, photos and GIFs. One feature that brings a certain dynamism to the whole. In any case and to start, simply click on Share> Embed and copy the code that comes in the popup window and paste it into our blog or web. Simple, right? What are you waiting to try it?

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