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New Hacker Attack Can Corrupt Memory Virtual Servers

Hackers are always looking for security holes in systems and programs of all kinds, most of the time to find a solution. Now they have managed to identify a new type of attack that is able to alter some as relevant as the own memory of the victim server variable.hacked

That’s what they have achieved from Amsterdam. A team of Dutch security experts managed to alter the memory of some virtual machines in the cloud without there being any software error, using a new technique of attack.

They have managed to decipher the keys to secure virtual machines and install malware without being noticed. It is an evolution of an attack that takes advantage of hardware failures, so that the attacker can ask the server to install malicious software and allow access by unauthorized persons.

The technique already has a name: Flip Feng Shui (FSS). An attacker rent a virtual machine on the same host as the victim and start working from there to both websites share the same memory areas subsequently modifying the information in the general computer memory available to alter the server.

You can see more details inĀ  techxplore.com, but you have the complete document in this PDF from the University responsible for the study.

So you know, if your server memory is reduced suddenly, you may be the victim of an FSS attack.