Never10 To Disable Automatic Windows10 Update

We know that Windows 10 is determined to make every windows user update to Windows 10, and it even seems that in some cases they has begun to do so without user permission. And although they may have reasons for this sudden craving, there are also those who are not at all interested in upgrading to Windows 10 – at least for now.

If you’re one of them, i have a good news for you in the form of an application that lets you disable the update. It is called Never10, it is very easy to use, it does not install any additional software and the best: when you’re ready to switch to Windows 10, you can reverse the changes to start the upgrade process.

Never10 not really install anything, because all it does is a series of checks on your system, then modify the necessary keys in the Windows Registry that disable the upgrade to Windows 10. That is, it is something that could well be by hand, but it is more comfortable than Never10 do it with a few clicks.

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The first test that this tool makes is that you are using Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, versions that can automatically upgrade to Windows 10 through Windows Update. Then check the client version of Windows Update, since it has to be after June 2015  the ability to disable the update using the Windows Registry settings introduced in it. If the client needs to be updated, Never10 takes care of it (warning the user, of course).


The program then performs the task itself: to amend two entries in the Windows registry that control automatic upgrade to Windows 10. As said earlier, the nice thing about this tool is that, at the time you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you just have to run Never10 again to re-let these two registry entries as they were, and let the process start automatically.

Never10 was launched just few days ago and already has on its website more than 70,000 downloads, a good proof that not all users are so interested in switching to Windows 10 and Microsoft believes, or at least not at the pace that Redmond want to impose.

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