Netflix’s Now Comes To iOS And Android

Of course, the success of Netflix is linked to the optimal distribution of content on the network, which in turn depends among other things on the quality of the Internet connection to download multimedia

Therefore, along with the different and continuous records performed on suppliers around the world, in May the company launched an online tool called so that with just visit that URL, users can conduct a test download speed with which they can check if yes they are counting on the contracted speed. A simple number, in Mbps, is presented in giant size after the process. For now, the company reigns of audiovisual content streaming has launched a version of its speed meter for iOS and Android.

Fast application designed by Netflix for both mobile platforms has the same design as its web version: a white background with large numbers that we calculate the download speed offered by our ISP. No data upload speed, but for this, the company makes available a link that redirects .

Well, the tool has arrived today in the form of mobile application for iOS and Android too, standing out against other velocity meters to be free of advertisements, focusing only on the download speed, without technical values that not all manage and enjoy a process of analysis and more realistic results with less bias by not leaving so easy that providers can manipulate them with specific optimizations as already happens with some services popular- speed test.

While Fast may remain as a meter more bandwidth, it is important that Netflix offers these tools, and allows queule know how good is the connection offered by various internet providers around the globe. Netflix Tech Blog in the technical part behind the calculations and the integration of results of different variables recorded by who uses the global network of servers Netflix own to get more detailed precision.

Similarly, in The Verge they said that unlike other meters (in which service providers could make adjustments to show a good download speed), Fast Netflix directly measures the connection using their servers.

Fast is now available for download in both the Apple App Store (compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 7 onwards) and Google Play Store (compatible with Android 4.0 and above).