Track Your Income, Budget, And Finances: 7 Of The Best Money Management Apps For Android

Every day there is always something to pay for. You have your usual daily expenses for food and transportation. Then, there are the costs of utilities and services. Of course, you should have money set aside for contingencies. If you don’t keep track of where your money is going, you might not have any left to save. What is the point of working if you have no savings? This is why money management apps play a very important role in life and work.

Why You Should Have An Android Phone For Your Money Management Apps

Before we discuss the best money management apps, let’s spend a few minutes discussing the benefits of having an Android phone.

It is no secret that since 2016, Android has become the dominant player in the smartphone market. More people are turning to and tuning in to the Android Operating System for a number of reasons:

  1. Android Uses Universal Chargers – Unlike the iOS which only adopted universal charging technology for units purchased after 2012, Android made this possible for users much earlier.
  2. Wider Selection of Apps – Your choices are not limited to the Play Store. You can buy apps for Android at Amazon.
  3. Android is More User Friendly – The App store carries restrictions that mandate certain apps can only be used with the iOS. No such restrictions exist with the Android.

The bottom-line is although the iPhone is known for generating all night camp outs at Apple stores, you are perfectly fine with an Android smartphone. You will be able to download these money management apps and other programs that can make your life better and easier.

7 Of The Best Money Management Apps For Android

What is a money management app? The term might seem self-explanatory. Perhaps the more appropriate question would be, “How can an app help you manage your money?”

Money management requires a number of actions. The best way to think about money management would be as a cycle.

First you have to earn it. Then you have to budget it so you can pay for your bills and set some aside as savings. From there you can find ways to make money grow through investments.

Thus, money management apps can serve a variety of purposes:

  • Track your finances – Creates cash flow or where your money is coming from and where is it going.
  • Budget your money – Establishes an Income Statement which summarizes the expenses paid out from the income you receive every month or from current savings.
  • Monitor personal expenses – Prepares a cash disbursement statement which summarizes the expenses you incurred during a specific period that was paid out with a set amount of cash.

The good news is there are a wide variety of money management apps available for Android.

Here are 7 of the best money management apps for Android that you should consider:

  1. Financial Calculators

    Are you planning to get a home loan? Are you thinking of investing in the latest Initial Public Offering or IPO? Will you be leaving for a foreign country in a few days?

    Financial Calculators is one of the best finance tracking app you can download on your Android phone. All smartphones have a built-in calculator, so why should you have Financial Calculators? This app has around 40 types of calculators that you can access for different uses.

    It has a calculator that helps you find out your monthly amortization if you decide on getting a home loan via fixed or adjustable interest rate. You can use a calculator that can give you projected ROI on a stock or financial instrument. Need to buy euros? There is a currency converter calculator available.

    Financial Calculator is a wonderful app that you can use to create more wealth or extract more value from your hard-earned money.

  2. Goodbudget

    This is one of the best budget tracking app you can have for your Android as well as your iPhone. Goodbudget offers multi-platform support. This means you can access it with your Android phone, the Internet, or like we just mentioned, an iPhone.

    As its name implies, Goodbudget will help you keep your expenses in line. This is a great app to have if you want to keep track of your cash flow. Goodbudget will also track where your money is coming from which is particularly helpful for those with multiple sources of income.

    The free, downloadable version of Goodbudget should be enough to manage your money. If you want more advanced features, you can go for the paid subscription.

  3. Google Sheets

    Despite its computerized format, Google Sheets gives you that old school feeling or using restaurant napkins to note down your expenses. Anyone who has used Google Sheets knows this is a spreadsheet app.

    It has cells that are divided into columns and rows. You can customize how your spreadsheet will look like; its categories, entries, and formulas.

    What can you do with Google Sheet? Anything you want!

    You can use it to create your cash flow, income statement, cash disbursement record, or summary of expenses. This is one of the best money management apps in the market. Best of all, it is free!

  4. Mint

    Have you ever used an app called Mint Bills? Well, Mint is from Intuit, the maker of that money management app. The difference between these two apps is that Mint has more features.

    Mint is one of the best, must-have apps to help you budget your money by giving your different ways to tracking your finances. You can stay on top of the bills that you have to pay, and if needed, pay it when you have to.

    Do you have multiple streams of income? Mint will keep track of your fees or incomes from those sources which is great for managing cash flow. This is one-stop app for all your money management needs.

  5. Monefy

    For those who are planning to use a money management app for their Android phone for the first time, perhaps you should start with Monefy. This is a very simple app to use and is perfect as a personal expense tracker app.

    If you keep your accounts stored in Dropbox, you can integrate it with Monefy. This cool money management app also has a built-in calculator, currency converter, and offers password protection for your accounts.

    There is a free version of Monefy available. However, if you feel that you need more support, the paid version carries an affordable subscription of only $2.50.

  6. Money Manager

    How much more convinced do you need to be when a money management app is called “Money Manager”? And this app does the job really well! Money Manager is like having a personal accountant housed inside your Android.

    Money Manager offers a lot of interesting features and is very easy to use because it has a highly-visual interface. It provides you password protection, stats for cash flow and income budgeting purposes, and instant bookkeeping services.

    Are you planning to use another phone or device? No problem! Money Manager will back-up your data.

    You can also use its spreadsheet format if you have to. Like most money management apps, there is both a free and paid version which costs only $3.99.

  7. My Budget Book

    If you want a no-frills, no-nonsense, no ads running personal expense tracking app, download My Budget Book on your Android phone.

    Simply one of the best budget tracking apps, My Budget Book is particularly valuable for staying on top of your day-to-day expenses.

    If you think stopping by for coffee, watching a movie on a whim, or buying a shirt on impulse is nothing, wait until everything accumulates! Your bank account will feel it!

    My Budget Book is a simple app with the right features to help you budget your money. You can customize its features to suit your needs.


One of the reasons why small businesses close down after 5 years is poor money management practices. 82% run into cash flow problems. 29% run out of cash. If they knew how to manage their money, perhaps they would still be in business. They could even be profiting.

As the old saying goes, “Money does not grow on trees.” You have to work for it. And it’s not enough to have it. You must find ways to manage money. Smart money management practices help you generate savings.

When you have savings, you have greater financial security. You can either plough it back to your business or invest it in financial instruments that will give you returns higher than the inflation rate. Either way, your money increases its value.

So while money does not grow on trees, having the best money management apps on your Android phone can help you create new wealth!