Minion Rush Download free Offline Full APK For PC / Windows XP, 7,8,8.1, Mac and Android.

Minion Rush is one of the game’s Blooming recently.This game now swung around the world. This fever or Despicable Me Minion game is quite popular in mobile users today. This fever or Despicable Me Minion initially launch only in Windows mobile phones. After reaching the high hit the company that created the Despicable Me Minion decided to launch the Rush version of Android for Android phones. Again Minion Rush launched Despicable me have come with attractive action, more damage and fantastic virtual Clarity.



Steps for downloading Minion rush for PC / laptop: –

Please follow these steps to make Despicable Me minion rush or work properly for windows 7/8 / 8.1 :

  • First  install Despicable Me to the PC, install the application on your PC from BLUESTACKS . If you dont have bluestacks you can get it here.
  • After you install the BlueStacks application, we have to look for the exact keyword in BlueStacks “Despicable Me Minion Rush.”
  •  Now get the name of the game in the emulator searched BlueStacks. Download the game for PC / laptop.
  •  Now you just download and instal Despicable Me for laptop / PC.

Minions Rush Game Download for iPhone and Mac: –

This thing is going crazy, here you can download the despicable me hurry or servant for the iPhone and Mac.
It’s very simple to download this game for Mac and iPad, iPhone. The file size will be slightly larger. Here is the direct link where you can download this game in the freeware version.


Fixed issue For Android versions(Minion Rush Full APK download with Additional files ): –
The main problem occurs for users of Android and the problem is if you install this game in the store of Google Play. The file size of this game is only 20Mb but after installing the game will connect to internet and again began to download additional files and trailer of this game will be played. It can cause some feeling cheated. But do not worry friends here I have downloaded all the files needed for the game that will work on your Android device completely. Download and install the additional files on your Android device with the given instructions. If you do not have the installation file, you can download it from Google Play Store.

Download : From playstote link

Download:Additional files link

To install this files in Android Mobiles: –
  Perform the following instructions properly and enjoy playing this game.

  •  First  Install the files you download from the Google Play Store which is of around 38MB then.
  •     then Unzip(Extract) the downloaded files on your computer.
  •     Then Copy file “” to the folder with name DATA in your Android mobile If your installing in external memory then copy to it, else you can copy to the default folder in internal memory.
  •      Then Enjoy Play this.

Note : – This game needs first online launch time.

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