Microsoft Will Pay Money To Users By Using Edge And Bing

Microsoft is in a delicate position in the browser market. Now that Windows 10 is only “active”, Edge domestic operating system has become the official browser. Internet Explorer no longer receive upgrades, but still use 30% of computer users.

Edge is unique to Windows 10, which is already installed on 25% of all PCs. But according Netmarketshare, a website that monitors traffic desktop browsers counting unique users in July 2016 only 5% of PC users using Edge:


It is a bleak picture, considering that Chrome already used more than 50%. That’s why Microsoft will pay money to American users to use Edge, through Microsoft Rewards program.

It is true that the first version of Microsoft Edge was very basic, with little support and few functions. Users criticized the absence of extensions. But in this first year it has improved greatly, and extensions are now available. Still, it does not seem enough to convince users to abandon Windows 10 Chrome or Firefox and pass Edge.

Microsoft’s new strategy in the US is to offer monetary rewards for using Edge. For this, the Bing Rewards program rewards will be renamed Microsoft Rewards.

Users who actively use Microsoft Edge for one hour (move the mouse, loading pages, watching videos) will receive Microsoft Points, up to 30 hours a month. These points can be redeemed for $ 5 cards from Amazon or Starbucks, Skype credit, or discount is physical stores Microsoft Store.

Whether Microsoft paying people really works, or whether people really want to be tracked in their computer usage down to the nth degree – or to be made aware that they already are at least – remains to be seen.

Microsoft will also offer Rewards points for performing at least two Bing searches a day, and buy apps, music and video in Windows virtual stores. At the moment this offer is only available in America, although there is a similar program in Spain dedicated to consoles, called Xbox Rewards.