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Microsoft Warns Windows PC are also Vulnerable to Security Breach “Freak”


In the recent past Microsoft has discovered that hundreds of millions of computer users with Windows are vulnerable to attacks that exploit the recently discovered security flaw “Freak”, originally thought only threatened mobile devices and Mac computers, warned Microsoft Corp.

News of the decision came Tuesday when a group of nine security experts said the encryption technology internet could make devices with iOS operating systems and Mac Apple Inc, along with those using Android Google Inc, are vulnerable cyber attacks.

Microsoft released a security warning on Thursday, telling users that your PC might be vulnerable to failure “Freak”.

The ruling could make way for attacks on PC connecting to Internet servers configured to use encryption technology intentionally weaker to comply with US government regulations prohibiting the export of stronger encryption.

If hackers are successful, they could spy on communications and computers infected with malicious software, the researchers who discovered the threat said Tuesday.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that whitehouse.gov and fbi.gov were among the sites vulnerable to such attacks, but that the Government had strengthened.

Microsoft warned system administrators that use a program to disable the configuration on Windows servers that allow the use of less robust encryption. He said he was investigating the threat and had not yet developed a security update that automatically protect users fault.

“After completing this investigation, Microsoft will take the appropriate steps to help protect users actions,” the company, which is headquartered in Redmond in Washington state said.