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Microsoft SIM card


MICROSOFT is to make it easier to get online on Windows 10  by releasing its own SIM card(4G mobile data hassle-free for Windows 10 users) The software firm is testing a new mobile app which allows Windows 10 devices to switch between a variety of networks’ data connections.

Microsoft has published a Windows Store app that will let users connect to a “nationwide” mobile network using a SIM card. However it is not clear in which countries the service will operate.

The Cellular Data app will allow Windows 10 users to buy plans that allow them to download data up to a predefined limit, This data allowance will be tied to each user’s Microsoft account and can be recharged as needed, i.e no fixed contract and no long term commitments to a mobile network operator. Now you can buy and use mobile data as per your convenience.

Microsoft is yet to release the SIM card or data service mentioned in the app description, and a spokesman said the firm wasn’t commenting on its plans at this stage.

Windows 10 is built around services that require network connectivity, from the virtual assistant Cortana to OneDrive cloud storage, in addition to the Windows Store for downloading apps.