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Microsoft Buys Talco, Whose Team Is Now Working On The Development Of Skype

microsoft buys talko

Sometimes the best way to improve business is to buy another product, or the team that develops it. And surely Microsoft knows it very well, but also in this case we are talking about a company acquired commanded by a former Microsoft,Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, until 2010  in the Redmond company.

Ozzie launched  Talko in September 2014, an application that promised to revolutionize team communications, mixing messaging, calls and conferences, including offline access. But the life of Talko end soon, as his team, minus own Ozzie, will be integrated into Skype, Talko is ending in March 2016.

The BlackBerry is still fighting, a large niche, and thinking in this area Microsoft is emphasizing Skype for Business, which will now receive a major boost with the arrival of the team for more than a year they have developed Talko. Talko had the idea to facilitate communication between team members, allowing follow conversations by label, access notify them when online or when you were not available for communication, saving more than one call. Later came the integration with Slack, from which you could make calls using Talko.

Current users of Talko have to find an alternative within three months as Talko close, although it will export all shared files and messages before their disappearance.