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Maru Os Will Turn Your Android Mobile Into Linux Desktop

To connect your Android mobile device to a monitor, a mouse and keyboard and to make it work as a PC under a desktop interface is something that many of you would like to see isnt it? Companies like Microsoft with Continuum and with Ubuntu Edition M10 are already betting on the convergence that fails to arrive on Android, but developers as team Maru already been put to work to bring something. Android on the screen of your mobile phone, Debian on the screen of your monitor

Maru also wants us to connect our Android device to a monitor, mouse and keyboard to work as a PC, and it announced that they are developing a ROM that includes two operating systems: Android 5.1 Lollipop for the screen of our mobile and Debian to the screen of your monitor.
When we connect the phone to a monitor charged Debian GNU / Linux for display at the HDMI output. So enjoy a full desktop operating system that we can install office software, programming, DVD, etc … Well, as in any Linux distribution.  Maru has already prepared a beta of the ROM for Nexus 5. Installation is like any ROM. To access the beta you have to subscribe to their website to point us to their waiting list.