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Mark Zuckerberg Twitter And Pinterest Accounts Got hacked

Anyone can be the victim of a hacker, even if you are the founder of one of the technology companies of the moment. Mark Zuckerberg was the last to suffer identity theft in their social networks. The social network of their own, at least, has been saved. Known as OurMine hackers have claimed responsibility. In 2012, they stole 117 million LinkedIn passwords, including, apparently, was also the creator of Facebook. By using the same password for LinkedIn that for other social networks, hackers have gotten into the accounts of the sixth richest man in the world.

A few days ago we told you that some of the information that was stolen from the Linkedin database in 2012 came to light, including millions of user passwords still active. That seems to have been the cause of hacking Twitter and Pinterest accounts of Facebook founder mark zukerberg . The hacker group OurMine Team has gained access to both accounts, and reports also have it under control instagram account, although not yet verified that last point.

Apparently the password that Facebook CEO used in linkedin was the same as that used on Twitter and Pinterest, why has not been difficult to access their profiles, as these passwords can be found publicly on the Internet.

Offensive tweets from Mark’s account have already been eliminated, and returned to its rightful owner profile. Pinterest also been able to restore order. “Hi Mark Zuckerberg, you were in the LinkedIn database. Send a private message to prove” they tweeted the hackers from the account Zuckerberg, in which even pointed out the password with which they had entered. In an earlier tweet, they say they were testing the safety of their accounts. They also changed the name of his Pinterest account, which they called “Hacked By OurMine Team”.Mark Zuckerberg Twitter And Pinterest Accounts Got hacked

In Twitter they have managed to capture the evidence, making it clear that no one can boast maximum security, especially when the same password used to access several different platforms within Internet.

Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook could not benefit from the double authentication (password and mobile phone number) who joined Twitter in 2013 to improve safety.

These cybercriminals have claimed that they also hacked his Instagram accounts, which Facebook owns, but company spokesmen have denied: “No Facebook account or system has been hacked”.

Recent breaches LinkedIn and MySpace -this last company admitted last week that they had stolen 360 million emails and passwords and had put the windows can yield many more surprises if users do not change passwords. Thus, the danger is not so much someone between these profiles, but with the same password hackers can enter other platforms: social networks, email or banks.

Remember the linkedin passwords and all services that use it. In haveibeenpwned.com you can tell if you have been a victim of information theft recently.