How to Make Skype Group Video Calls From Any Smartphone

Skype is one of the all time hit service by Microsoft along with its other services like Windows and other Tech services and it is also the most used app for video chatting and even texting between friends. The quality of features that Skype provides us makes it Top in the list of such services. Though there are many alternates for this application like Facetime, Viber and many other services. But Skype is always unique in its own style. Though there were some minimal drawbacks in the past, But with the recent updates from the Tech giant Microsoft it is now quite fine and is well managed and with the recent added feature we can even make Skype group video calls for free.

make Skype group video calls

Also now-a-days group chatting and group video conferencing have become a style among the peers and especially teens. So this application is surely going to help you out even here. The new feature of Skype even helps you to make video chatting among friends in groups. This makes a great difference between the Facetime and the Skype. Because in Facetime only one can talk to the other person and at the same time you can do that only if he or she is using a iphone or ipad or any other iOS device. So even you can make free group video calls on your iOS or Android device with the Skype.

So check down the steps below to make Skype group video calls from your Smartphone whether it is running or Android or iOS.

  1. The first and the main thing that you need to make Skype group video calls is to download a Skype application on your Smartphone if you don’t have one. (Skip this step if you already have Skype on your phone)make Skype group video calls 0
  2. Now create a Skype account if you don’t have one or just login with your existing Skype account or a Microsoft account.
    make Skype group video calls 1
  3. Now go to your contacts list and choose the friends that you are looking to make Skype video calls with, by just tapping next to their pictures by choosing Multiple friends.
  4. Now at the top of the screen you find two options. The first one is a video chat and the next is a voice chat. Just click on the Video camera icon. You can also do this by just creating a new group and then make Skype group video calls from there.make Skype group video calls 2
  5. Now your active friends appear on the screen and then you can have a video chat with them.

You can also click on the add more option available on the screen if you are looking to add few more of your friends to the existing group and even make Skype group video calls, even with them. This feature is now also available to Windows Phones users in beta version.