Limbo comes to Android [ one of the best indie platform game ]

The most creepy and awaited android game finally arrives to playstore (feb-11-2015). It was first debuted on Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation and and other download services way back in 2010.It really had an great impact on the trend for dark and creepy themed platforms focused on exploration.

Limbo has managed dozens of awards from critics, their ratings are through the roof, and is considered by many as a masterpiece of gaming. An evocative platforms, terrifying atmosphere and masterfully designed puzzles.
What catches the attention of Limbo is its exquisite artistic design, play of light and shadows, strange camera angles and industrial sounds that will bring goosebumps for sure.It is available for your Android at Google Play, priced at € 4.23(Rs 310.22, $5.34). It is a very good price to enjoy this simple but profound story at the same time.


StoryLine Of The Game :

In Limbo you will play as a nameless child who wakes up in a nightmare world. Without a clear objective rather than saving your sister from an uncertain future, must drive forests, caves, villages and factories of a terrifying beauty.But beware! The traps are abundant along the way.In short, Limbo is an experience that goes beyond fun to convey, in its simplicity, emotions rarely felt at the computer. Perhaps the time is the only thing that hampers this exciting work.


Finally in one sentence it is an unusual game in black and white with a carefully designed artistic mix of platform and puzzle, and whose story takes place in a dark and hostile environment, but also full of creepiness.

Download Limbo from below link [button-blue url=”” target=”_self” position=”center”]DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE PLAY [/button-blue]

Limbo For Ios  :

Limbo is its exquisite artistic design, play of light and shadows, strange camera angles and industrial sounds that will bring goosebumps for sure. It is available for your Iphone on itunes and appstore you can download it at

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 Some cool features :

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Game Trailer :

The trailer is a good example of what matters is the visuals in Limbo: scenarios care down to the last detail and a soundtrack that will put us in a situation. In addition, the puzzles we face are a challenge, we must strive to reach overcome.

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  1. I bought it on steam for 2 euros, but this is game too short and i felt it is not worth that much.Well agreed that game is awesome but it is too can complete it in like 3hrs.

  2. Its been a while played this game. long back i have played on my Xbox but till this game is refreshing. i dont know why pepople place it in creep genre. I consider this as best indie games ever.

  3. I have downloaded this game rite away when it was released on playstore but i still have no idea how i solved a couple of the puzzles in this game. All I remember is pulling, pushing stuff and all of a sudden I was on the other side may be that’s why it is called LIMBO :p .


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