Leonardo DiCaprio Creates New Record In Twitter During The Oscars

440,000 tweets in a minute, so was the reaction of the world when Leonardo DiCaprio won his first (and expected) Best Actor Oscar in The Revenant.

Twitter blog show how the ceremony took over Twitter, an event that always has a special welcome in our network of preferred content, and this year has not disappointed.

Spotlight as best film, Mad Max: Fury Road earns 6 oscar, moments on Twitter has been spectacular, but nothing like the moment when Leonardo gets his statuette:


Once the winner is announced, Leonardo made his speech, and referred to what we can do to prevent climate change, a cause that defends years:

“The Revenant is a film about the relationship between man and nature, and 2015 was the warmest year in recorded history. Climate change is real, is happening now and is the most urgent threat that we have to face. You need to work together to prevent this, we have to face large corporations in the name of all indigenous people of the world, people without resources … for our grandchildren. “