LastPass : Best Free Password Manager For Your Android Users

We live in a world where we have multiple passwords for each account you have in your Android. Some times we have bunch of accounts and it becomes hard to recall all the passwords, isn’t it? I always end up doing the whole process of “Forgot Password” and other paraphernalia.

Lastpass for android

There are a variety of very secure applications that protects your passwords of different websites or emails. There are some applications in Google Play Store that stores all these password information, but many offera payment services as they require good security. LastPass is one such applications that help you avoid having to make the whole process to recover the password.

LastPass now Free for all and with more Subscriptions

LastPass team announced in their official blog that the application previously had paid subscription, but now it becomes completely free for all users. It includes all important options such as cloud sync to access information from any device and synchronize as many accounts as we want.


Now LastPass works with a new model of work

  • The free version offers all the benefits of this application. Sync on the cloud how much ever you want.
  • Its premium version for $12 a year is similar to the free version but with the ability to share passwords folders with other users. It also adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Your Enterprise version for 24$ a year, it includes all the above but also brings improvements in security focused on a much larger company as small, clear LastPass.
  • It has administrator console, shared folders, and improved security for passwords. An administrator can control user passwords for all their employees.

Get your LastPass App for your Android mobile from here

If you are a new users LastPass will have 14 days trial for Premium version. When finished, you will return to the free version if you do not want to checkout or do not need these extra features.

I have been using this app since one year, And all I can say is that this awesome tool saved me lot of time.

Update: Link has been updated