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How To Know If Your Account Has Been Hacked

Last week a warning that appeared on LinkedIn ad that obliged to change the password. Something that has affected more than 100 million accounts have been affected by the hacking suffered by the company back in 2012. There are 117 million people affected who have now seen their compromised account after a cyber criminal has put on sale in the deep web that got all that data collected from massive hack of years ago. In fact, the price that has put is about $ 2,200 in the deep web.

With this bit of memory, back in 2012 the social network of professionals(linkedin) suffered a massive theft of passwords, affecting about 6.5 million users. Right now, though LinkedIn says it is not a new hack, the fact is that 117 million users have seen their data again revealed and offered for sale in the deep web.

The famous Australian security expert Troy Hunt is the author of a web page, “Have I Been pwned?“, Which has collected information on millions data theft through cyber attacks. It was he who a week ago gave the news that 117 million LinkedIn accounts were stolen in 2012, and now Hunt has obtained a copy of the data misappropriated and included on your page.

The site has a database of 106 sites and more than 500 million hacked accounts. LinkedIn although the first is in this unenviable list with 164 million records, followed by Adobe with 152 million or Ashley Madison, the site of personal encounters between people who want to be unfaithful to their partners, with 30 million accounts.

Remember, it is important not to use the same password on all websites and above all to create passwords that have enough security alternating case sensitive, and being alphanumeric. In addition, it is recommended to change the password from time to time to be more confident or where we can activate the ID in two steps.

Check out this guide : Simple Guide to Create a Strong Password

How do I know if my account has been compromised?

For months, an expert on cyber security, has created a website where we can type our email and know what security breaches have managed to capture our data. So now we can see if our mail and password is flowing where it should not because of this sale LinkedIn data. And that the professional network has sent an email to all affected users to change their password asking. In fact, you could not enter the social network unless you did.

If you have not received any mail from LinkedIn, your account is safe. But otherwise, change your password as soon as possible. In addition, our recommendation is that you change the password on all sites where you have with that email.

To check if you have been the victim of a cyber attack :

  • Any user can enter Have I Been pwned? and search your data with the search engine.
  • Next you need to enter email or username, this will crawl between cases stored on that page and tell us if our account has been hacked.pwned_linkedin

If you check out the website you will find variety of tabs like

  • “Notify me” – To get notified when future pwnage occurs and your account is compromised.
  • “Domain search” – Search for pwned accounts across an entire domain.
  • “Pwned websites” – Breached websites that have been loaded into this service.
  • “Pastes” – Search through pastes containing email addresses exposed in potential data breaches.
  • “API v2” – The API allows the list of pwned accounts (email addresses and usernames) to be quickly searched via a RESTful service.

So this is how you can know if your Email, LinkedIN, or other accounts have been compromised hope you fond this informative and interesting.

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