“Kangaroo” a Windows 10 Pocket PC Which Connects To Any Screen

Kangaroo, a device developed by InFocus, is a Windows 10 portable PC that “Is portable and works with any screen.” It adopts a different format, kind of similar to small external hard drive format. Kangaroo comes with an internal battery and the necessary hardware for Windows 10 and can be used independently, as if it is a mini PC in your pocket, And costs 99$.

kangaroo pocket pc

Kangaroo weighs only 200 grams and measuring 124 x 80.5 x 12.9 mm, nearly the size of one of the phablets today. It can also connect a detachable base in which we find an HDMI port, two USB and power connector, and 46.9 mm in height added to the total.

This product comes governed by an Intel Atom x5 (Z8500) of CherryTrail family, one of the new Atom models is operating at maximum frequency, 2.24 GHz, and also has 2 GB of memory and 32 GB LPDDR3 eMMC Flash memory for storage, but we can expand that capacity with microSDXC cards support up to 128 GB. At the top of the device even we have a fingerprint sensor that can be used to take advantage of biometric identification in Windows.

We also have 802.11ac connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0, and although the autonomy of the battery is specified InFocus indicates that it is possible to use it without connecting it to the stream for 4 hours of “casual wear”.

The product is now available for $ 99 from online retailers including that of Microsoft- and certainly we have a concept that can attract many users will have before them a limited impact on PC performance but can provide enough light for those sessions

The software available for iOS OSLinx is especially interesting because it allows to connect the Kangaroo iPad and use this as if the PC monitor, and can even take advantage of multi-touch support for these devices to interact with the operating system. An excellent performance of the HDMI dongles that give an ambitious but very promising step with Kangaroo.