Why JNTU World Down (JNTU World is Closed )

JNTU(Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University) JNTU world is a 3rd party web sit it is not  the   official  website but has more information than the official web site ,all most all jntu  students use this website for information ,results, examination  time table  most importantly for the  material, the site used to have high traffic during results , so  many  students  think  that   www. jntuworld.com  is official  and it maintains information and latest updates of all JNTU'(Hyderabad,Kakinada, Anathapur,Kadapa)

jntu world closed


STUDENT PROBLEMS :- As exams are approaching ( in December)  students need material and  all the material from years is concentrated at jntu world  this is the main and direct problem effecting students

->The UI of official  is not that catchy nor they do not contain  information about  university events exams even if they contain updates are very slow

->JNTU WORLD contains information about all 4 university’s but there are separate web sites for there four universities

Why is JNTU World Down(closed) :-

There is no official information about the shutdown of the site, but  there are roomers  on the facebook and other social media sites that  state government had forced to close the site.

What ever the reason is There is also a possibility  that  there severs have gown down  but this is some what not possible because  we know every one maintains back up and there is no official update about JNUTU World site.

what ever the reason we will inform you people as soon as we  get the info if you people know inform to others by commenting