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iOS9 User Guide Now Available on iBooks and Web

We know Apple does not include a user manual in their devices, everything is through published guidelines via web or digital books in iBooks. In recent years, Apple began publishing user guides with the launch of its new operating systems, which serve to newcomers have all the official information, both the device and its functions and software.

iphone user-guide

Today with the advent of the new mobile OS, Apple has released new guides for iOS in September, which include many of the developments and we look, but we also talk about features exclusive to the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as 3D Touch and Live Photos.

Also know about “Hey Siri” will not work if the proximity sensor is covered on your iPhone 6s

These guides have the disadvantage for non-english users, because they are only available in English. As for advantages, we have that are divided per device, no guidelines for iPhone, iPad and other more iPod Touch.

On the other hand, we have two options to be checking, either through our own device in an optimized and easy website to use by categories and topics or, you can download the entire guide from iBooks for offline queries.

Below are the links of the new Guide for iOS users 9 in both formats:

IOS User Guide 9 for iPhone (Web) (iBooks)
IOS User Guide 9 for iPad (Web) (iBooks)
IOS User Guide 9 for iPod Touch (Web) (iBooks)