Intel cofounder Andy Grove Dies at 79

Andrew S. GroveHe died at age 79. Andrew “Andy” Grove, former CEO (1987-1998), former president (1979-1997) and head of the board (1997-2005) Intel Corporation, also recognized as one of the three founders of the famous company with Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore (that of “Moore’s Law”) in 1968.

Regarded as one of the most influential figures in the world of technology and business, wrote several best-selling specialized and widely cited articles; He was born in Budapest, Hungary, and arrived in the United States in 1956 after surviving the Nazi occupation and the repressive Soviet regime that followed.

In North America he obtained their degrees in chemical engineering and then worked with Noyce and Moore in a couple of different “projects” related to the world of semiconductors: Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel Corporation. It is referred to as one of his great contributions to have guided the shift in focus from Intel memory cards to microprocessors, promote the signing between the consumer sector and bring annual revenues of Intel of 1900 to 26,000 million dollars under his rule.

His biography is available here while the official press release from Intel will quickly mention some of its current work in charitable causes, members of his family, his education, some publications and terrible causes of death.