How To Install GarageBand For PC

GarageBand is an immensely popular application on Apple’s Mac OS and iOS platforms that allows professional and amateur musicians to very easily create music tracks. It is essentially a mini music studio with which you can record multiple different tracks and with virtually no technical background bundle those tracks into one song.

Because it is so easy to use you will find that your abilities and creativity as a musician will be transformed and all that at a very cheap price. The problem is that GarageBand for PC is not an option made available by Apple, so you will have to look into running it in a virtual environment or an emulator. If you are already familiar with the app, then you can skip over the next couple of sections and go directly to the installation instructions at the bottom. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about the software and options to run it on Windows with Bluestacks.

Introduction To Garage Band

Whether you just like playing the guitar or piano, or have an amateur band that likes getting together on a regular basis, GarageBand has something to offer you. Before this application was introduced there really was not much other than simple recording devices that allowed amateurs to create songs, as recording equipment was professional and expensive, even to rent for just a few hours.

GarageBand essentially allows you to create multiple tracks that you can populate with prerecorded sound, or you can record your own musical creations. In theory you could record each instrument as a separate track yourself, and end up with a song that sounds like it was played by a band.

The great thing is though that you will find it unbelievably simple to do, as the interface is very self-explanatory. Built in samples allow you to compliment your songs without having to record every last instrument. Practically speaking you can create a song without even using an instrument, as the samples and built in synthesizer can be used to mimic all imaginable instruments.

Within just a few minutes you will be used to how the tracks work, how to create loops, add samples and introduce all types of instruments at the touch of a button. You will be the artist, producer and recording technician, and all this without years of training and experience.

If you play in an amateur band it is a really good tool to record a demo or just play back some new experiments you are doing to see how you can improve. But using the app on an iPhone is not always practical, as the screen size is limited which can make it a little difficult to operate for multiple tracks and different instrumental inputs.

And because not everyone has a Mac in order to use the desktop version of the software you will have to explore alternatives. While there are Windows native apps similar to GarageBand, these don’t have the same level of features and ease of use.

In these instances, you will need to run the software in a virtual environment or emulator on your Windows desktop. These require two very distinct set ups and in the below sections you will find out more about how to do so and what the most cost effective way is.

Run Mac OS X Virtually

One option is to install a virtual Mac OS environment on your Windows PC and then run GarageBand within that environment. The downside to this is that performance can suffer, even on high end equipment, and it is not a very cost effective way. You would have to invest in the virtual environment software, plus get a copy of Mac OS, and then get the full desktop version of GarageBand, which can quickly add up. But there is a much cheaper alternative.

Emulator Basics

Mobile OS emulators have become very popular as many mobile apps are not available for desktop computers. An emulator is basically a piece of software that runs on your desktop computer and acts like it is an Android or iOS device. The look and feel is exactly like it is on the phone, but you navigate using your mouse or trackpad.

Two of the most popular emulators are Bluestacks and Nox App Player, and both of these have their distinct advantages. You can go ahead and install both of them to test out, but in recent months the Nox App emulator has become a more favorable option, due to some very innovative features. However, at present the best way to get GarageBand running in an emulator is by using Bluestacks.

GarageBand For Desktop Installation Instructions

Getting set up with an emulator and GarageBand is a really simple process that does not require much technical knowledge or experience. If you have downloaded and installed other software on your computer, and you are familiar with iOS and the App store then you can be creating music in a matter of minutes.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • First download the Bluestacks app and launch the installer
  • Next, follow the simple onscreen instructions and wait for installation to complete
  • On installation completion, launch the Bluestacks app
  • At the top of the Bluestacks app you will see a search tool
  • Type in GarageBand and download the app

You are now ready to use this music software on your PC in the same way as you would on you iPhone or iPad. You will have great fun and it will take you no time to get used to using your mouse or trackpad to navigate the different app settings.


Getting GarageBand set up on your computer is very easy and there are some benefits that a lot of people find convenient. Sometimes it is just simpler and more accommodating to use a mouse to drag and drop tracks and to do so a lot more precisely. Try it out and see how you like it. In most cases people like to use both options for different types of songs they are trying to create.