Instagram To Introduce Algorithmic Photo Feed

Farewell to the chronology feed of instagram, Instagram in March began testing a new algorithm to organize our photo feed and show the content that we believe will like first. quite a stir and confusion ensued, with campaigns to clear before even before they were to be implemented, to what Instagram replied that still would take a while to implement and would warn when the time came.

Well, time has passed and the time has come, and Instagram has officially announced the implementation of the new algorithm. We will arrive in stages throughout this month, and although it does not specify whether or not by come on by default, it is expected that the option of returning to temporarily feed is easily accessible from the configuration.

They used as an argument that according to their calculations users on average we lose 70% of the content of our feeds, and that with this new way to organize posts have shown to increase the number of likes and comments by the most active community. And all without us we lose the photos and videos of our favorite celebrities and users.

Celebrities vs Algorithm

And when the algorithm was first announced in March we saw how celebrities and influencers of photographic social network were put on a war footing. They did it for fear that their photos were fewer people arrived, and promoted hashtags as #TurnMeOn or #LetsStayTogether for people to bring down the algorithm as it had.

It is a trend in all social networks chronological feed order both to help us better visualize content that interests us to give more visibility to advertisers. If the algorithm delivers what it promises and we want our photos continue beating them all, only we should strive to create interesting content. I believe with this change instagram gonna add few hundreds of more users.

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