Instagram Is Now Available For PCs With Windows 10

Since the long-awaited release of Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile, users also expect the application appearance also in the Windows Store PCs. After all, it was already “guaranteed” since Microsoft announced that Facebook would bring the service also to the desktop and Surface. Now the owners of these devices can now install the app on a PC or tablet.

As promised in March, Facebook has recently available Instagram for PCs with Windows 10. Although users always have the opportunity to access via browser service, with this app becomes easier to carry out some tasks.

One of the most important features of Windows 10 is its convergence, and with it Microsoft wants to create an ecosystem of universal applications compatible with all devices. These applications, rather than downloaded from the website of each developer are centralized and controlled through the official store of the operating system.

But of course, that this ecosystem is meaningful and useful for users it is necessary to include the heavyweights in the world of applications and online services. Well, this morning Facebook has given us a joy officially launching its new native application Instagram for Windows 10, which will be compatible with any PC or tablet you use it.

Instagram works as expected on PCs, with minor adjustments to support desktop features such as resizing windows. No new application features that distinguish the mobile version, on the contrary, the release note warns that some may not be available on some devices.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and more users in the world. Super simple to use, just put a picture / video, add #hashtags that are related and hope that the publication has many likes and comments!

instagram-for-windows10With Instagram for Windows 10, it becomes possible to send images directly, as well as take pictures from the application itself. This new app has brings support for notifications, direct messages, ability to write reviews, etc.

With this PC version, you can send images directly from your images folder and take pictures from the application itself, which supports the cameras. The application also supports notifications, direct messages, leave comments, and of course, photo viewing.

Stability leads to much more work to be done :

Unfortunately, after trying it for a few minutes we noticed a lot of bugs and forced closures. When you are editing the profile, browsing histories or doing anything the application closes randomly, which shows that they still have much work ahead to optimize it for use on PC.

If your team has no integrated touch screen or front camera you can not use the functions of taking photographs, something like for example what happens with your web client. But at least now there is a native application that includes all other functions, from search photos and videos to playback of stories.

So now can only hope that Facebook will update the app to improve its disastrous stability and see if encouraged to take it to other environments such as your game console. Until then users of Xbox One may continue without tasting all the advantages of universal apps, while PC … eventually returning to the web client.

According to recent figures, the social network Instagram has more than 500 million users worldwide and its popularity has grown considerably in recent years. If you experienced never use Instagram here is a good opportunity to try it out on your windows 10 PC.