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Instagram was launched in 2010 as a mobile- only app. When Facebook acquired Instagram in November of 2012, it introduced web profiles. While the photo- sharing network has remained focused on mobile, it has slowly been expanding its scope to include the desktop. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate images in blown up sizes and higher resolution?

In June of 2015, Instagram revealed a newly revamped website with improved, cleaner design and larger images. This is an important step for Instagram as more of its content is getting embedded on Facebook. According to an Instagram spokesman, 5.3 Billion impressions were produced by embedded Instagram posts.

If you’re hoping to have Instagram for PC on your desktop, fortunately, technology and a bit of resiliency has found 3 ways to make this happen.

  1. Use BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an Android- emulator that allows you to install the Instagram app as a smaller window on your PC. BlueStacks’ “Instagram on PC” program is easy to install. You would be able to install both the emulator and the Instagram app quickly and hassle- free.

A few notes before using BlueStacks:

  • You need a Google account to use BlueStacks
  • The Android emulator is the only way to upload your photos from your PC to Instagram but to view your content, you should go to the Instagram website or a third party web viewer.

Once everything is set, here is how you can use BlueStacks to use Instagram for PC on your desktop:

  • Download BlueStacks
  • Click “Download Instagram for PC”.
  • Double- Click the Installer; if asked if you want Installer to make changes on your PC click “Yes”.
  • Click “Next” to finish the installation process.
  • Click “Finish” to launch BlueStacks.

As a bonus, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about using these methods to access your Instagram account from your PC:

Q1: Can I send and receive Instagram messages on my PC

A1: BlueStacks can help you access your Direct Messaging box but not the web viewers.

Q2: Will using these methods violate any agreement with Instagram and get me banned?

A2: No, these methods are approved by Instagram.

Q3: Is it possible to register an Instagram account with a Windows 7 PC even without the need for a smartphone?

A3: Use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks which will allow you to install the Instagram app on your PC.

Q4: Can I set my photos to private using the Instagram website?

A4: No. Unfortunately the Instagram website does not support this feature.

Q5: Can I view videos?

A5: First you have to check if you have Flash enabled in your browser. If you are not able to view videos, click the time of the post so you can get to the video’s main page then try again.

Hopefully Instagram can make PC operation a reality one day. For now, you will have to be contented with these 3 methods to view Instagram for PC on your desktop.

  1. Use Instagram’s Website

You can also use Instagram’s website to view content from any PC as long as there is Internet connectivity. Unfortunately, even with the revamped website, you will not be able to upload new images. However, you can view your content, “Like” photos, share your comments and edit your profile.

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Here is a quick rundown of the steps you need to do to use Instagram’s website:

  • Go to Instagram’s website
  • Enter your Instagram user name and password then click “Sign In”.
  • Once you’re in, you will be able to view photos, like content and post comments.
  • Click the heart icon at the top of the screen to view your notifications.
  • Click the profile icon to view your uploaded images.

You can also use the Instagram website to follow or un-follow certain users of the network.

  1. Use a Web Viewer

The third option for you would be to use websites that allow you to view your Instagram account from the PC.

Here are 4 of the best web viewer sites that you can consider:

  • Pixsta – Formerly known as Instagrille, this app can recreate Instagram on your PC in an innovative tiled format. There are also add-on features that you can’t even find in Instagram.

For example, you can view images that were taken near your location. You can also download any Instagram photo by simply hovering the mouse over the bottom of the image and selecting “download”.

  • Websta Formerly Webstagram, this is one of the first web viewers made for Instragram. It is not as visually appealing as Instagrille but it can get the job done. You will be able to view your Instagram feed, comment, like and do other activity as you would in the mobile app.
  • Picodash Formerly Gramfeed, this web viewer can be integrated with Google Maps. This means you can enter a city, view a tiled layout of the photos taken and then pin on the corresponding map to see all the images taken at these specific locations.

Similar to Pixsta, you will be able to download photos to your PC. However, there is an extra step involved. You have to click “Download”. A new tab will open which contains the selected photo. Save it as “Save As” in order to download.

  • Ink361 – With Ink361, your Instragram feed will be viewed as a rolling horizontal format. You can create albums based on hashtags that have become the norm in identifying unique photos on Instagram.

As an example, here are the steps in using a web viewer such as Websta to use Instagram for PC on your desktop:

  • Go the Websta website.
  • Click the “Log In” button at the top right corner of the app.
  • Enter your Instagram user name and password then click “Log In”.
  • Click “Authorize” to allow Websta to access your Instagram account.
  • Click “Manage” on the left side so you can start using Instagram.

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  1. I have a Moto G and Instagram works well on it. My only problem is a new feature that’s just not necessary. To hear sounds from a video you now need to tap the video after you press play and also, I can’t pause videos because if I tap the screen the sound goes off. Apart from that, Instagram is very good app and I have no problems with it

  2. Dont you think Instagram sometimes fails to find and load an Instagram user’s photos, even when they exist on the website.
    and i guess you can’t tell which photos are new or old so better they have some chronological order or based on posting history

  3. Pixsta gives you the Best Instagram experience on Windows PC
    After Installing it automatically integrates into Widows taskbar, and after you signed in to your instagram account, it gives you instant notifications in the windows taskbar now this is something

  4. I have to agree , everything is cool on this website . but i would like to tell the users think You really need to be aware of the privacy settings on Instagram. Anyone can follow your kids profile and I have seen kids posting info. such as names, ages, schools, etc…things that clearly we as parents do not want the world to know. Once the photos are out there, there really is no telling who will see them or use them. I honestly thought Instagram was to take fun pictures, little did I know.
    so better beware and set your privacy settings before posting pics

  5. I don’t know about the old ones but for teens instagram is like a new window to glamour and it definitely is a combination of social aspect of facebook, photo effects of hipstamatic, hashtags from twitter which makes it awfully awesome 😉

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  7. Did you know this Tinder users can access other Tinder users’ Instagram feeds directly from within the Tinder app, Tinder users can access other Tinder users’ Instagram feeds directly from within the Tinder app . All you have to do is just enable Tinder integration.;)

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